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Political Forum a Success

Political Forum a Success


WROY/WRUL News hosted a political forum Tuesday night, allowing local candidates a chance to explain why White County voters should vote for them November 6.

Appearing before a good size crowd at the White County Fairgrounds Floral Hall, Incumbent Sheriff Doug Maier and challenger Democrat Johnathan Williams met first in the forum, moderated by WROY/WRUL General manager J.C. Tinsley. Both men explained why they were seeking office.

Williams explained he thought there should be more accountability and greater fiscal responsibility in the sheriff’s office.

Maier disputed Williams’ figures, saying the sheriff’s department had actually operated under budget.

County Board candidates Jake Carter and John Gunter then addressed the crowd, explaining why they wanted to represent District One, which includes Enfield, Mill Shoals and Springerton, as well as a small portion of Carmi. Both men pledged to work with the county board in addressing budget shortfalls and both explained they did not want to see anyone laid off.

District 5 candidates, Steve Shelton, a republican and democrat Clint Spencer then spoke, echoing many of the concerns of Carter and Gunter. Both men explained they felt their experience would be a positive if elected to the county board.

Treasurer Candidates, incumbent Pam Armstrong, a Republican and challenger Sandy Choate had differing views of how the treasurer’s office should be operating. Armstrong said her office was operating very efficiently, while Choate explained she thought the office could do a better job.

Wrapping up the exchanges were the candidates for the 109th district seat in the Illinois General Assembly, Democrat Cynthia Given and Republican Darren Bailey.  Given said she was a successful business woman, who decided in 2016 after studying the ballot, that there needed to be greater representation in the house. She urged everyone to vote early and asked voters to give her a chance to help the people in the 19th district.

Bailey explained that although he had supported David Reiss in the past, he felt Reiss had become a “career politician” and was not representing the people of the district. He said that was one of the many reasons he decided to seek office, pointing out he believes in term limits and would work hard for the 19th district if elected.

The forum wrapped up before 9, and while it may or may not help voters make a decision prior to Election Day, it did give everyone a chance to hear from the candidates.

WROY/WRUL News plans to present the forum, which was recorded, on our Open Line program in the coming days and listeners and regular visitors to the radio stations website and social media pages will have a chance to hear portions of the forum, also in the coming days.