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59th Annual One Niter a Smashing Success

By Hailey Winkleman for WROY/WRUL News

The One Niter is a long-beloved Carmi tradition, and Miss Grace Sinclair has taken the reins to put together an incredible show for her second year as CWC’s Music Director. WROY/WRUL correspondent Hailey Winkleman sat in on the show and spoke with several folks about this year’s show and its reception.

This production includes a fabulous blend of musical acts and comedy sketches, each moving seamlessly from one to the next. This year’s revue seemed a little shorter than years past, but it could also simply be that time moved quickly as each act was excellently placed and performed.

“This was a really fun One Niter,” said Miss Sinclair after Friday night’s performance. “There’s always something for everybody in the audience.”

Sherry Passmore, who helped run the show from her usual spot in the tech booth, agreed, saying, “It keeps you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end.”

Our correspondent also caught Superintendent Jarrod Newell after Friday’s show, and he had this to say about the performance: “I think the 59th Annual One Niter carries on the tradition of the talented students and staff that have paved the way before. It was a great job by everybody.”

The attendees also had an overwhelmingly positive response to the show, cheering and clapping at maximum volume any time an act ended – or when encouraged to make some noise by the performers onstage.

“I liked it a lot,” said one community member. “I thought the first half in particular but everything was great.” 

“Very enjoyable to sit back and listen to. Very good,” said another. “I enjoyed it. Lots of talent!”

Other interviewees agreed that all of the acts were good, and declined to pick a favorite. However, the Pub Skit was considered a standout by more than one person. 

The students working to create the show also felt proud of their final production.

“This is a very well rounded One Niter…Two Niter? One Niter Plus!” said Brook Hineman, a member of the Singing Six and a soloist in the show.

“This has been a great experience that showcases all kinds of kids at CWC and all their talent,” said Laney York, who performed a solo Journey/Bangles medley and with the Singing Six.

“The show was amazing; the emcees are the funniest that they’ve ever been,” said Landen Elliott, one of the four emcees for the show and a part of several acts. “If you haven’t, or even if you have, come out and see it. It’s a great time.”

The show has one more performance on Saturday, May 4 at 7:30pm in the CWCHS Auditorium. Tickets are $5 for K-12 students and $10 for adults. This is a One Niter you don’t want to miss!


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