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Norris City Village Board Learns Electricity Rates Expected to Soar

The Norris City Village Board met in its regular monthly session Monday night for an hour and a half.  Scott Mareing was there and has this report…

Rob Wielt (Wilt), Senior Energy Management Consultant with Affordable Gas and Electric spoke to the board members about their electricity contract with Homefield Energy, which is a 24 month deal that will expire this November.  He noted that electricity rates are soaring, as the price per kilowatt hour has doubled in just a short time.  Since it’s predicted that the price will continue to rapidly rise with no end in sight, Wielt recommended the village agree to a 48 month contract which will lock in the rate at .096580 cents per kilowatt hour.  He also recommended the same four year deal for the price per kilowatt hour for the village’s street lights, which will be .076790 cents.  After a discussion, knowing they really had no other choice, the board members unanimously approved both measures.

One of the water well pumps, which has been in use for 22 years has deteriorated and has to be replaced.  The estimated cost could be about $50,000.

The board authorized Mayor “Skip” Land to sign the paperwork for pay-out number six on Phase Three of the water project.

The MFT 2022 contract for oiling and chipping of streets was approved.

The board decided to turn down John Schofield’s request to pave the old bank parking lot his trailer is on as the village will maintain ownership of the property, but let him continue to live in the trailer as long as he keeps it clean and doesn’t keep any vehicles or equipment on it.

Concerning some lots in town, there is a parcel on Conger Street where the house on it is for sale and the attorneys will handle the negotiations.  A parcel at 506 North Division Street was recently purchased by a company out of Florida called Cheap Lands, which buys properties around the country for tax purposes.  The village has had difficulty contacting them, as the house on the property is falling apart and needs to be demolished.  Also another property on North Division Street is owned by the village and is for sale.  The Mayor was given permission to negotiate the sale, and the starting price is $2,200.

Novacom had the lowest bid for cameras to be installed around town, which will be in two phases, at a total cost of $19,999.  First, a total of 18 cameras will be placed at the Huelett and Beatty ball fields and five at the water plant.

A committee will meet with the Norris City Athletic Association to go over the contract the NCAA has with Norris City, as there has been a dispute over maintenance of the ball fields.

The Illinois EPA water report will be published in the Dollar Saver.

The Norris City Library has decided to disband their deal with the Wakeford property as the building on it is falling apart, mostly due to leaks.  They will do clean up and return the property to the village.

The board agreed to allow Shorty’s BBQ to play live music evenings as long as they stop at a reasonable time.

In the police report for May, there were 12 reports written, three arrests made, and 11 citations issued.  One accident report was filed of a car hitting a deer and there was a city ordinance violation warning for private sewage disposal.  There were also four 9-1-1 calls.  The new squad car is here and will go to Novacom to be equipped with cameras on June 13th.

The board adjourned at 8:29 PM.  The next village board meeting will be on Tuesday, July 5th at 7 PM.

  1. Anonymous
    June 8, 2022 at 2:29 pm

    It amazes me that such infrastructure issues have been neglected for years even with stark warmings from the EPA and the consumer tax payers see the squandering of money set aside for personal and special projects at the discretion of those who pay absolutely no regard in the height of inflation and continuing downward mobility that marketing deals and commerce play into politics that obviously have no insights to basic economics perhaps the people should consider replacing current administration which network their positions in churches and old money . Power plays do not rescue communities. The entire county as well as the neighboring ones need to shift their concerns towards causes and they might successfully change the negative outcomes which are witnessed and threatened by daily. Once more be more viligant on local issues or be willing to accept the uninvited hazards no town can sustain in the absence of resources that have been plaguing the area far too long be a community that chooses by invitation of its citizens or be ready to pay the toll ahead. Main streets are but only one road among many and they are all but agnored alongside the discriminatory allocations which are afforded to certain sections whose property taxes are higher just so we understand there are far greater in number those who pay their taxes and are not afforded the attention to their voices. In conclusion there has been a complete breakdown in this area for equal opportunity employment as is found within the local city government which installs family and friends rather than qualified individuals who in turn manage to benefit from believing they won’t be called out on this unethical practice there is no question that reform needs to occur where the hope of this area can separate themselves from the flawed management that continues to harm it with no real interest in anything or anyone aside from themselves at the expense of the community they so claim to support . Don’t continue to be another small town cliche.

    • Bob
      June 8, 2022 at 7:25 pm

      You’re using alot of words to effectively say nothing. This mayor in office has done more for the village than all of the other mayor’s combined. Norris city is light-years ahead of where they were two or three years ago.

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