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Mistaken Identity Results in Officer Shot with BB Gun Sunday Morning in Norris City

A case of mistaken identity resulted in a White County Sheriff’s Deputy being shot with a BB gun and the suspect’s subsequent arrest Sunday morning.  According to authorities, 37 year old William Kyle Garrison of rural Norris City called law enforcement just before 9am asking for them in reference to people at his address tearing things up.  Garrison allegedly said he had the individuals on video.  The officer in route says he had been called to the residence multiple times for similar situations.  Upon arriving, the officer says he saw the door open quickly and immediately observed what he believed to be a rifle.  While attempting to back away and reach cover, the officer was struck in the forearm with a BB.  The report indicates shortly after discharging the gun, the officer saw Garrison drop the rifle once he realized it was a law enforcement officer.  The officer says he saw Garrison go to his knees and could hear him apologizing.  Garrison was subsequently arrested for Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer.  He’ll be due in court for a preliminary hearing on October 5th.


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