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May Meeting for Township Includes Assessor Situation

Assessor Amy Edwards discussed the equalizer set for the County at the Carmi Township meeting.

“We have an equalizer now of 11%, I think, is that correct? That I’m being blamed for also, because all my properties are under-assessed. This is just showing that it’s not just my Township that’s under assessed, it’s not just Carmi. I have went through and I have pulled properties that have sold in the Townships that I am not the Assessor and lots of things are under-assessed. These were his Townships where he assessed. You know, it’s been put all on me and I want to work with him. I wasn’t to have a good relationship with him.”

The conversation moved to the possibility of hiring help for Amy at the Township.

Township Supervisor and Chairman Pam Deig discussed that topic, with Edwards stating that it would only help with some circumstances.

“So if she wants to hire somebody as an assistant to help with certain properties like that, she may need assistance with, as long as it’s in the Township, you know, the Carmi Township, that’s the only way we would provide that service in our Township only for our Assessor. So the guidelines, we’ve already called Springfield. The deputy is just basically appointed. So our board appoints someone, okay, they would have to be appointed. And then the funds would have to come out of her budget.”

“And what I want her to do is I would like for her to do is once we learn how to navigate this because this was always done for me, you know, I always just got that stuff put in my file is hurt us to help me locate it on on the aerials, then I’ll go out and measure it.
I’ll go out and assess it. I will figure it out. She may come out and help me if I get slammed, you know, may help come out and figure some of that or measure some of that stuff that I really just want her to be able to help locate some of those things that need to be looked at.”

Trustee Mike Baxley had some questions, with Deig adding another essential question.

“Are you prioritizing properties that have no assessments on them at all, that haven’t been assessed at all? Are you prioritizing those first, besides the ones that are under-assessed? All the properties that he gave a list for that have not been assessed yet. Not the ones that are under him talking about the ones that have not been assessed yet.”

“What about over-assessed properties? Because we all know there are a lot of places. You know this isn’t just about being under.”

“There are properties that he has lowered, because they were way over-assessed too, he’s told me that.”

Edwards answered, “Yes, but he put it on, he went and did it.”

The conversation ended with Edwards stating that she would talk to the White County Board at their meeting on Wednesday.

The total disbursements for the Township for General Assistance were $2,822.24, which included two shelter grants, three utilities, two transportation, and five personal incidentals.

In the Road Commissioner’s Report, an $8,000 purchase was made from Hanks Excavation to help with a covert. The county agreed to pay half of the cost, allowing the Township to cover the rest.

The Carmi Township ended with budget talks to finalize for June.

  1. sue
    May 28, 2024 at 4:04 pm

    county should keep these ditches cleaned out and mowed so places won’t flood

  2. Danielle
    May 28, 2024 at 9:43 pm

    Has the Assesor nonsense not went on long enough? The constant bickering back and forth makes them look like children.

  3. Amy Edwards
    Amy Edwards
    May 29, 2024 at 12:57 pm

    Danielle I totally agree with you! 100%

  4. Stumptown
    May 29, 2024 at 5:08 pm

    Danielle one of them is a child the worst kind a 72 year old child

  5. Terry Ziegler-Abell
    Terry Ziegler-Abell
    May 29, 2024 at 9:28 pm

    Danielle the problem isn’t the a**essor Amy, the problem is the current wanna be Hitler of the Supervisor of Assessments office wanting to make it as rough as he can and virtually impossible for Amy to do her job, he wants her to just throw her hands up and quit so he can be in total control of every a**essment in the county. I was the previous Supervisor of Assessments and I bent over backwards trying to get along with the current one when he was a township a**essor and there’s no getting along with him. When I was in office if something was seen by myself or one of the other ladies in the office we would print a parcel report and put in Amy’s file, WE WORKED TOGETHER, we also did the same for him but he informed me he didn’t need to be told what needed to be done in his townships. So it’s a matter of HIM not wanting to work with Amy or anyone for that matter. Oh and for everyone’s information his wife that works in there is doing the Supervisor of Assessments job not him. He has six women working in there on the taxpayers nickel and I had Staci, myself and Rachel who worked 3 to 4 days a week for a long time so figure that one out, hmmm.

  6. Just Me
    Just Me
    June 4, 2024 at 12:50 pm

    . You people voted for a man who is raising your property taxes . Remember this in the next election. You get what you vote for


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