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Latest CoViD-19 Numbers from Hamilton, White, Gallatin, and Saline Counties

The Egyptian Health Department says 42 new cases of CoViD-19 have been confirmed in their latest report.  Of those, 16 hail from White County, while 4 live in Gallatin County and 32 are Saline County residents.  3 of the White County cases are school age children.  Hamilton County has added 14 new positives, 6 of them school age kids.  Other data released shows that the three county region Egyptian Health is the umbrella for contains 14,901 fully vaccinated individuals, or just under 35%.  Officials with Egyptian say there have been a total of 63 breakthrough cases, defined as individuals who test positive for CoViD-19 at least 2 full weeks after being fully vaccinated.  That comes out to .4% of the cases December of 2020 through the end of August since a vaccine became available.  At Deaconess, of the 179 current patients hospitalized with coronavirus, 149 of them are not vaccinated, 30 of them received at least one dose.  Of the 58 in the ICU, 52 are unvaccinated.  Of the 34 individuals on ventilators currently, all of them are unvaccinated.  At Southern Illinois Healthcare, the story is much the same.  Their latest release showed of 70 hospitalized, 59 are unvaccinated.  Of 22 in intensive care, 20 of them are unvaccinated.

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