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Hamilton County Board to Meet Tonight at 6:00 PM

The Hamilton County Board will meet tonight at 6:00 PM at the Hamilton County Courthouse in McLeansboro.

The board will discuss/approve the Local Cure program reimbursement and planned expenses, authorization to use reserve funds for election expenses due to COVID, and discussion of the FY 21 Budget.

During the consent agenda, the Board will accept checks from the Hamilton County Health Department, accept a check from the City of McLeansboro per the Central Dispatching agreement for the month of September, review the Hamilton County Unit #10 1% school facilities tax schedule, and review/approve the FY 2020 3rd quarter budgeted funds for the Regional Superintendent of Schools.

New business and highway recommendations will include discussion of the County’s website, discuss/approval of Resolution #2020-29 regarding the Trustee Program – Sale of the County’s interest in a parcel of land sold to Mannon L. Walters Inc. in January 2014 for $830, discussion/approval of the FY 2021 Courthouse Holiday Calendar, review/approval of the claims list, late claims, and highway claims, discussion/approval of Resolution #2020-28 appropriating $365,000 from the motor fuel tax allotment for maintenance on Country or State Highways and meeting the requirements of the Illinois Highway Code. The Original Resolution passed January 21st, 2020 of $235,000 with a Supplemental Estimate of $130,000, and discussion of ICRMT additional premium on county’s additional property.

There will also be department reports from Sheriff Lakin, who will discuss/seek approval/renewal of the SOR agreement with Unit #10, Nathan Taylor, EMA Director, Dorothy Smith, ETSB Board, and Bellwether LLC, Administrative Services Report.

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