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Grayville purchases new fire hydrants; addresses water issues

The Grayville City Council met Monday night for their first meeting of June. Following approval of the consent agenda and treasurer’s report, the Council approved the purchase of eleven new fire hydrants at a cost of $14,234 to replace hydrants that are not functional.

The Council then heard from resident Chris James who asked about the state of the City’s water system and what the City is doing to improve the quality of the water supply. Water and Sewer Commissioner Bob Stroud reported that the City is still trying to find the source of the issues and is working hard on trying to fix the lingering problem. Stroud did state that the water is tested daily and is safe to drink. James said he was appreciative that the City had purchased and replaced the non-functioning fire hydrants, and hoped that the move was a step in the right direction. Mayor Joe Bisch added that as soon as the new hydrants are installed, the City will flush the system again.

The Council approved the prevailing wage ordinance unanimously and approved the transfer of property from the City to Greg O’Neal at the location of the old high school.

The City will go ahead with the demolition of two abandoned properties using revolving loan funds, and will continue to pursue the acquisition of other abandoned properties for demolition as they become available.

The Council instructed City Attorney Jay Walden to open communications with Rain for Rent about the termination of the City’s lease with the company at the end of the contract period in February 2018.

Commissioner Andy Brock reported an oil income of $3051.82, and Commissioner Josh Downs reported that the City would begin digging out ditches soon.

Mayor Bisch addressed statements he had seen on Facebook about the use of grant money at the City Park. Bisch stated that it was not the City’s intent to offend anyone about improvements made at the Park, but that insurance and state regulations dictate what grant money can be used for and what improvements must be made.

Mayor Bisch also presented a certificate to Police Chief Roy Mann for 5 years of service to the City. Mann was not able to attend the meeting, but will be given the certificate soon.

The meeting adjourned at 7:12 pm and the City Council will meet again on Monday, June 26.