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Grayville Mayor/Commissioners Assure Water is Safe at Council Meeting

It may not be pretty depending on where you live in Grayville, but officials are certain the water is safe.  While the water is discolored in certain areas of town, commissioners and the mayor say it’s due to the pipes being old, in some cases, 100 years or more and is also affected by pressure and what gets “stirred up” in the process.

While it’s not a dirty water issue, Commissioners did discuss a new Water Filtration plant that’s needed.  Mayor Joe Bisch and Commissioner David Jordan met with Albion officials recently and Bisch reported that the Edwards County city had approached the two asking Grayville to purchase water from the municipality.  Jordan says he thinks it needs to be a joint venture.

“If it’s not a joint venture, I think we’d need to make sure we have a very long term

 contract with them so they can’t, after 2 or 3 years, we don’t wanna sell to you anymore and leave us high and dry.  That was a big concern of mine.  I want something that’s going to protect us down the road a ways.  But I still feel it’s foolish for them to go it alone.  I’d like to see it be a joint venture and I think both Joe and I mentioned that to them the other day.”

Time is a factor with the state of Illinois, but the council agreed to go back to the Albion group the first week of August to see if they can come to an agreement on a joint venture.  If they can, commissioners say the lower overhead would allow the city to replace more pipes.

Also Monday night, Don Baldwin addressed the council regarding the Veteran’s Memorial project.  The Veteran’s Memorial Fund will be utilized as will a gun raffle to assist in paying for the upgrades which Baldwin expects to cost around $9,000.  He asked the council for a donation of $2,500 from the hotel/motel tax monies.  The council unanimously approved the donation.