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Grayville Council Meeting Tuesday

Grayville Council Meeting Tuesday


The Grayville City Council will meet for a full agenda at 7 Tuesday evening.

The Grayville commissioners normally meet the second and fourth Monday of the month, but due to Monday being Memorial Day holiday, the meeting will be held Tuesday.

It’s a full agenda facing the commissioners who will be looking at mosquito fogger, an upgrade for city hall computers, drinking water sample contract, summer help, credit and debit card fees, along with a request for TIF funds and business with the zoning board.

Cemetery mowing, pool lights and an electrical upgrade, park waterline replacement, campground fees, swimming pool prices, removal of a park shelter, and relocating riverfront bench will also be covered by the commissioners.

Rounding out the agenda the purchase of Email utility billing module, policies for ordinance fines, utility truck payment and purchase of accessories, a clean uniform contract and sale of excess real estate at 142 North Fifth Street will round out the business facing the Grayville council.