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Evansville Man To Appear For Driving While License Are Suspended

An Evansville man decided to drive without a license and it cost him a fine and a future visit to see the Judge. On October 14th, at 6:28 pm, an Officer with the White County Sheriff’s Department, was East bound on I-64 and observed a beige Chevy Tahoe also East bound with his hazard lights activated. The Officer initiated a traffic stop and approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and advised the driver of the reason for the stop. When the Officer asked for identification, the driver wanted to know why he needed his license and his name. He eventually found his wallet and presented the Officer with his Driver’s License and told the Officer his name was Dale Vessey, 31 of 2412 Wild Dunes Drive, Evansville IN.

The Officer returned to the squad car and ran his name through dispatch and was advised that Vessey’s driver license was suspended. Vessey was then placed under arrest. He was cuffed and put in the back of the squad car while the Officer performed an inventory of the Tahoe noting items of value on the tow sheet. The vehicle was towed by S&E Auto.

Vessey was then given a copy of the tow sheet as well as his copies of the citation. The Officer advised Vessey that he was giving him a notice to appear. The Officer then drove Vessey to the state line where a deputy with the Posey County Sheriff’s Department took custody of him. The Posey County Deputy advised that he would give Vessey a ride to Evansville where he lives.





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