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Enfield Utilities Department in the Red

Scott Mareing was there for WROY/WRUL News and has the report…

It was brought to the board’s attention that the utilities department was in the red to the tune of about $36,000, and there needed to be a utility rate increase to close that gap. After several minutes of discussion, it was decided unanimously that there would be a one dollar per month rate increase each on customer’s water, gas, and sewer bills. It will be effective with the February bills. It was also decided that the board would revisit the issue in a few months to see where things stand.

By the way, six people have had their water shut off recently after going several months for not attempting or making a good effort to pay their bill.

The board members voted three to two to pay the $3,600 dispatch fee for 2024 with the White County Sheriff’s Department. No one, however, was happy about having to pay the fee.

The board accepted the lowest bid as required for water meters, as part of Phase II of the Water Project, which was from Followell of Marion, for $248,777. The only other bid was from Wiggs Excavating of Benton for $293,550.

Concerning street lighting, work is still ongoing.

Beverly Thompson of Animal Control is recuperating from some ailments and is unable to go around the area, but she will still be accepting phone calls from residents that have any problems or questions. You can also contact White County Animal Control, as they will help pick up the slack.

Before the regular session, a Closed Session was held starting at 6 pm. Afterwards, the board members voted to apply for a USDA grant to help stimulate growth for small businesses in the area. This was the result of a discussion on the subject that also took place at last month’s meeting.

The board adjourned at 7:41 pm.


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