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Daily Covid Numbers

Daily Covid Numbers


The Egyptian Health Department released the daily covid count reporting 21 new cases of the virus in the three counties covered by the Egyptian Health Department.


There were 11 new cases in Saline County including two females under the age of five; one under the age of ten; one in their teens; one in her sixties and one in her seventies. There were two males in their sixties; two in their seventies and one male in his eighties.


Gallatin County continues to show low numbers with only five cases reported. The cases includes one female under the age of five, one in her forties; a male in his twenties; one male in his thirties and one in his forties.


White County’s latest county only showed five cases; a female in her twenties; one in her thirties; one in her forties and a female in her fifties. There was one male in his thirties.


To date, White County has had a total of 2,061 positives, including 27 deaths. Saline has had a total of 3,146 cases, including 58 deaths and Gallatin County has had a total of 603 confirmed positives, including four deaths.


Hamilton County Health Department only reported three cases on Thursday, including a female in her thirties and two males; one in his sixties and the other in his seventies.


There have been 946 lab confirmed positives in Hamilton County ,with 17 recorded deaths due to the virus.

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  1. Ryan
    August 15, 2021 at 8:06 am

    Walked in to a restaurant to have dinner last night….

    Me- “Hi, table for four, please.”

    Hostess- “Of course. What is your name?”

    Me- “Ryan”

    Hostess- “Great. And do you and your guests have your vaccination cards Ryan?”

    Me- “Here you go. Can you tell me who our server will be?”

    Hostess- “Looks like Tom is going to be your server tonight.”

    Me- “Great. Can you show us Tom’s vaccination card?”

    Hostess- “Huh?”

    Me- “Also, can you provide me with proof that Tom is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, the flu, rhinovirus or any other communicable diseases?”

    Hostess- “Um…”

    Me- “Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, fentanyl or crack rock, so if you could provide us with Tom’s most recent toxicology screen, that would be great!”

    Hostess- “Uh…Let me get our manager Jennifer for you.”

    Me- “That would be excellent. And please ask her to bring her Vax Card also. Thanks!”

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