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Crossville Man Arrested on Warrant Saturday Morning

23-year-old Chalon Phelps of Crossville is due before Judge Dinn in White County court following his arrest Saturday morning.  According to White County Sheriff Jordan Weiss, a deputy was alerted to Phelps whereabouts through a tip to dispatch.  The deputy arrived at a Crossville residence and spoke with the homeowner, Michael Severns who advised Phelps was sleeping on a couch in the homeowner’s garage.  Phelps was subsequently arrested and taken into custody.  In March of 2023, Phelps had been found guilty of possession of meth, given a 6 month stayed jail sentence, 2 years of probation, ordered to perform 50 hours of community service, fined and mandated to complete a drug treatment program.  Phelps will be expected in court March 11th.


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