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Congresswoman Mary Miller: Biden’s ATF Pick is a Threat to Civil Liberties

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Mary Miller (IL-15) issued the following statement on the Biden Administration’s decision to name David Chipman, a gun control advocate, to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF.

“I am deeply troubled with Joe Biden’s decision yesterday to pick David Chipman to lead the ATF. The ATF has tremendous power and authority, and we all should be very concerned about how Chipman intends to use that power.

It is clear that Chipman and Biden do not have respect for our Constitutional rights. Biden demonstrated yesterday why we have a Constitution in the first place with his ATF pick and executive action to implement more gun control.

The Bill of Rights is a buffer against tyrants who would use the power of government to limit the rights and freedoms of honest citizens. Biden is not king. Despite the actions taken yesterday, he cannot unilaterally through the use of executive orders change or alter these rights. If Biden and his cabal of progressives are able to erode or alter the rights of honest firearm owners, then what other rights will they seek to take away from us?

We have already seen efforts to use public health concerns as a means of closing churches and limiting our right of free assembly. We must stand up for our Constitutional rights because if we don’t; we will lose them. It seems at every turn Joe Biden is putting the freedom and liberty of America and her citizens last. I will always fight to put America First.”

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