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The City of Carmi will host an electronics recycling event for Carmi and White County residents on Saturday, March 27, from 9am-noon at 520 North 3rd Street in Carmi.


Due to COVID-19 CJD E-Cycling is requiring the following safety procedures:


Materials to be recycled must be in the hatchback area or trunk of the vehicle. Items placed in passenger seats or back seats will not be accepted.


You will remain in the vehicle with windows up and their workers will unload for you.


You will unlock/open the trunk from inside the vehicle to allow worker to unload.


You must wear a mask. If you have to communicate with event workers you must have a mask on.


All small loose electronics, cables, cords, remotes, etc. must be bagged and tied closed.


Please be patient with event staff as the line will be moving a bit slower than normal in order to assure an appropriate spacing between workers.


If you are not comfortable allowing CJD E-Cycling workers to unload the recyclable materials from you car (the truck or hatch back area) then please do not attend this event.


If you are under quarantine or isolation protocol are not allowed to attend the event. If you have had COVID-19 in your household, you must be symptom free for at least two weeks before delivering your electronics to a recycling drop-off or event. In addition, do not attend the event if you are experiencing the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, sore throat, headache, rigors, myalgia, loss of taste, loss of smell, or have been exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID



Accepted items at the event include:

· CRT, Projection, Plasma, Flat Screen, Console TVs, & Flat screen monitors

· Computers (towers and laptops), printers, cables and peripherals (keyboards, mice, etc.)

· Fax machines, scanners, digital converter boxes, cable receivers, satellite receivers

· Networking equipment, server, telecommunications, phones, cell phones, etc.

· Medical equipment and all types of diagnostic equipment (Please call to verify equipment can be accepted.)

· Industrial machinery and equipment

· Electrical, cabling, communication machinery, and equipment

· VCR, stereos, and audio/video equipment (including cable/satellite)

· Home electronics, blenders, toasters, irons, etc.

· Video game consoles, digital video disc player/recorders, portable digital music players

· Non-ferrous metals

· Metal office furniture (Metal Desks/File cabinets, etc.)

· Air conditioners, refrigerators, and humidifiers

· Old motors, non PCB type transformers and other electrical equipment

· CRT monitor or & flat screen monitors


Items that will NOT be accepted include:

· Alkaline Batteries

· Car and rechargeable batteries and lead items

· Light Bulbs

· DVD’s, VHS’s, CD’s, or Cassette tapes

· Radioactive materials & Flammable Materials

· Hazardous Materials (Oil/Antifreeze/Paint)

· Household Smoke Detectors i.e. smoke, gas, or carbon monoxide

· Non-Electronics (Tires, wood, office waste, furniture, fiberglass, insulation, Roofing, or Dirt)

· Explosives (Fire Arms/Ammunition/Shells)

· PCBs (Capacitors/Transformers/Ballast)

· Prescription medication, over the counter drugs, or illegal drugs within any equipment

· Devices containing mercury

· Equipment containing: asbestos, radioactive components, infectious, or pathological wastes

· Other Hazardous Materials (Pesticides/Oil Filters/Air Bags/Lead/Mercury Switches)


Those with questions, or seeking additional information, should contact Holly at 618-384-2001 or by e-mail at The City of Carmi would also like to remind local residents that dumping or leaving items at the site prior to or after recycling event will result in a fine from the City of Carmi.


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  1. Marsha M McGhee
    Marsha M McGhee
    November 3, 2021 at 7:53 am


    When is the next electronics recycling event for Carmi, Illinois? I thought it was Nov 22 from a defunct page within the the City of Carmi website ( This morning I went to make sure of the date and it states Nov 22, “2014”!!?? And then I found that it already happened in September, so I missed it. Anyway, just as an fyi, I would delete that old page. All I saw was the date in the title that stated “November 22”.

    Thank you.


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