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Carmi Police seeking information into vandalism case

From Carmi Chief of Police Jason Carter:



The Carmi Police Department is offering a $250.00 Crime Stoppers Reward in reference to a Major Vandalism case that the Department is actively working.  An additional amount of $750.00 has been donated by private donations to go along with the $250.00 for a total reward of $1000.00 to the person(s) responsible for providing information that would lead to the arrest of the suspect(s).

The Department received a signed complaint on September 11th after discovering damage done to a white 1999 Dodge Jeep Cherokee owned by Tracy Steed.  The damage was discovered just after 2:00 am on the 11th while the Officer was completing building checks.  The vehicle was parked at Steed’s residence at 2014 ½ Fifth St in Carmi.  The damage was done to the vehicle between 100:00 pm on 09/10/16 and 2:20 am on 09/11/16.

The vehicle was painted with black paint almost in its entirety with obscene and offensive words in black paint as well as the windshield being smashed in.  Additionally, a garage door was painted with offensive words in black paint as well as a garage window.  Items of evidence have been collected from the scene and will additionally be sent to the crime lab for processing.

The Carmi Police Department is urging anyone who may have witnessed or has heard any talk of the incident or has any knowledge of the incident to contact the Department immediately.  You can contact the Carmi Police Department at 618-382-4633.  If one wishes to remain anonymous, you can call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-637-3577.  Again, if anyone has any information about this case you are asked to call and report it to the authorities or Crime Stoppers.