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BDC Releases 2023 All-Conference Football Team

The Black Diamond Conference has released the All-Conference Team for the 2023 season.

To no surprise, many Bulldogs are featured on the list.

Noah Pollard was named 1st-Team Offense as a running back.

Austin Owen, Nelson Rider and Gavin Peyton were all named 1st Team Offense as linemen.

Landon Driscoll was named 1st-Team Defense as a safety.

Andrew Dodgson was named 2nd-Team as a fullback.

Kade Stockton was named 2nd-Team as a linebacker.

Trayton Vickers was named 2nd-Team as a defensive back.

Cade Allen and Kale Wiggins were both named BDC Honorable Mentions.

Full All-Conference Team:

(MVP) Colt Packer – Sesser-Valier
(Offensive Captain) Dez Malone – Sesser-Valier
(Defensive Captain) Keaton Fort – Johnston City

First Team Offense:

(QB) Colt Packer – Sesser-Valier

(Skill) Briar Rowland – CZR
(Skill) Ben Morgan – Johnston City
(Skill) Wyatt Loucks – Sesser-Valier
(Skill) Trey Mason – Fairfield
(Skill) Noah Pollard – Carmi
(Skill) Trey Wells – Flora
(Skill) Braxton Miller – Hamilton Co.

(Line) Gavin Peyton – Carmi
(Line) Jude Beers – Johnston City
(Line) Brody Little – Johnston City
(Line) Austin Owen – Carmi
(Line) Hayden McMurray – Sesser-Valier
(Line) Vega Stanley – Fairfield

First Team Defense:

(Line) Kaleb Carson – Hamilton Co.
(Line) Nelson Rider – Carmi
(Line) Braydon Short – Sesser-Valier
(Line) Evan Sanders – Johnston City

(Linebacker) Keaton Fort – Johnston City
(Linebacker) Coltin Patrick – Eldorado
(Linebacker) Latrael Snyder – Fairfield
(Linebacker) Caiden Hicks – Sesser-Valier
(Linebacker) – Brody Barker – Hamilton Co.

(DB) Pacey Dudley – Sesser-Valier
(DB) Nolan Causey – Johnston City
(DB) Miller Simpson – Fairfield
(DB) Landon Driscoll – Carmi
(DB) Jake Phelps – Eldorado

(Punter) Jadon Leib – Flora
(Kicker) Preston Wright – Edwards Co.

Second Team Offense:

(QB) Jaylen Maners – Fairfield

(Skill) Cannon Ashmore – Johnston City
(Skill) Jay Snyder – Fairfield
(Skill) Max Gerlach – Edwards Co.
(Skill) Andrew Dodgson – Carmi
(Skill) Garrett Patridge – Flora

(OL) Eli Awalt – Eldorado
(OL) Riley Randolph – Johnston City
(OL) Nathan Galant – Sesser-Valier
(OL) Kolter Case – Edwards Co,
(OL) Chris Graver – Fairfield

Second Team Defense:

(DL) Bronson Rilea – Fairfield
(DL) Kendall Erwin – Sesser-Valier
(DL) Kadyn Kelly – Hamilton Co.
(DL) JW Simms-Reisner – Edwards Co.

(LB) Drew Seibert – Edwards Co,
(LB) Logan Atwood – Flora
(LB) Kade Stockton – Carmi
(LB) Brennan Cargal – Johnston City

(DB) Trayton Vickers – Carmi
(DB) Jaxon Borta – Sesser-Valier
(DB) Andrew Wicke – Flora
(DB) Eli Hanson – Hamilton Co.

Honorable Mentions:
Carmi-White County – Kale Wiggins, Cade Allen
CZR – Carson Hobbs, Sam Helfrich
Edwards County – Wyatt Landingham, Justin Davis, Caden Hart
Eldorado – Ashton Robinson, Cody Wolf
Fairfield – Israel Sargent, Alek Couch
Flora – Parker Helm, Harrison Arnold
Hamilton County – Hunter Graves, Andrew Webb
Johnston City – Blake Peters, Jace Weaver
Sesser-Valier – Cash Acosta, Barden Genisio

Special Mention (injured players):
Caleb Seibers – Carmi
Kaden Harbison – CZR
Trenton Mason – Fairfield


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