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A Possible New Animal Ordinance for Enfield

The Enfield Village Board met Tuesday night for their regular monthly meeting.  Scott Mareing was there and has this report…


The meeting went to the dogs as one of the major items of business concerned a resident who had ten dogs.  Three of them were puppies and the other seven would regularly escape and get into fights with other dogs and attack people.  The board members were presented with a copy of a McLeansboro ordinance that stated residents could only own up to five dogs or five cats at a time.  The board members all said they would like to have the same rules for Enfield, so village attorney Jonathan Turpin will draw up an ordinance to be approved probably at next month’s meeting.  Beverly Thompson of Animal Control said she needed help to handle all the stray animals and Khrystyn Gunther was hired by the board as an assistant, to be paid $100 a month.

There were two people who applied for a position in the utilities department.  The board went into a 26 minute Executive Session and decided to hire Andrew Inboden  at $18 an hour, with a 90 day probationary period.

The village received a letter from Hamilton County Water that their water rates will go up seven cents per every 1,000 gallons starting on May 1st.

The village attorney met with the State Police Board in Springfield concerning Enfield working with Springerton and Mill Shoals sharing policing resources, so that process is still ongoing.

In other business:  work on the street lighting is going on again, the village is waiting on the new water meters, the papers have all been signed concerning the Small Business Grant and they are still waiting for an update, the annual Easter Egg Hunt went well and everyone was thanked for the work they did on it.  Town Wide Cleanup Day is Saturday April 13th and the Town Wide Rummage Sale will be on May 18th.

Kim Winter and Becky McCormick of Coins for Cancer addressed the board, as they have been speaking to all board meetings in the area, describing their organization.  Their mission is to provide financial assistance to those battling cancer and hold fundraisers to raise money for people with cancer.

In the Police report, there were no problems with the eclipse on Monday and traffic wasn’t too bad.  There were 27 calls in March, two arrests made and nine traffic stops.

The board adjourned at 8:19 PM.

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    Having animals, having children, reviving any type of government aid, and voting are all things you should have to pa** a test for

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