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4H Members Praised for Outstanding Work at Evening of Excellence Saturday Night

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A year of work was rewarded Saturday, November 5th at the annual 4-H Evening of Excellence Achievement Awards Night held at the Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Carmi. Members and clubs received medals, prizes, and honors for their work completed September 2015 through August 2016. Every one of the 133 members of 4-H was called individually on stage to receive their awards.

The Centerville Ripsnorters 4-H Club received the Club of the Year Award, sponsored by the White County Farm Bureau. The group conducted several community service projects including volunteering at the Brownsville School chili supper, bought snacks and donated time to help at the Upward Basketball games, bought and donated cases of water to White County fire departments, made gifts and decorations throughout the year for Wabash Christian Retirement Center residents, donated toys, food, and wrapping paper to area kids at Christmas time, and so much more. Mallory Thompson, Jaclyn Garner, Ranelle Hubele, and Liz Masterson are leaders of the club.

The Friend of 4-H Award honors businesses and individuals who have given their time, talents, and resources to improve the 4-H program. This year, the Friend of 4-H award was given to the City of Carmi. The 4-H motto making the best better is exemplified through the dedication and support that the City of Carmi and their employees have given to White County 4-H this past year with the White County 4-H G.I.F.T. Garden.

Two young gentlemen were also honored. Brothers John and Andrew McKinney was named White County 4-H Alumni winners for their continued support of the 4-H program. John and Andrew were members of the Enfield Blue Ribbon 4-H club and continue as project leaders.

Two first-year members were given full scholarships to 4-H camp as recipients of the Outstanding First Year Member Award. They are Kinley Carter and Morgan Miller of the Centerville Ripsnorters 4-H Club.

Two 4-H members are completing their 4-H careers at the age of 19. Aaron Harrington and Jacob Hubele received completion pins.

To date, White County 4-H Kids Helping Kids has raised over $64,000. The top three that raised the most money for the program were recognized. Those were Josephine Hubele raising the most with $400.00, Ian Mosier with $250.00, and Nate Garner with $245.00. Also, the top club that raised the most money would be the Crossville Prizewinners 4-H Club. They also received a certificate and a check.

The White County Extension Support Committee once again honored our new Corn King and Queen and all of the attendants. The Committee wanted to show them their appreciation of their willingness to participate in all the activities this past October. They also would like to thank the Corn King and Queen for their willingness to take on extra responsibilities throughout this coming year, as in riding in all the parades Kiwanis asks of them. The committee is pleased to recognize all the work you have done with your 4-H projects and activities and to share your accomplishments with the residents of White County. We are proud that you represent the face of 4-H to White County: 2016 Corn King Jace Carter, 2016 Corn Queen Josephine Hubele, and their attendants; Gia Berekashvili, Abbie Bryant, Kaden Carter, Laney Cawthron, Cody Nausley, and Caitlin South.

The Victory Award recognizes 4-H members who attend the most activities and complete the most projects during the year. Three age divisions winners (8 and 9-year-olds, 10 and 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds) in each club are selected, then an overall county winner for each division is selected. Club winners in the 8 and 9-year-old group were Mallory Hobbs of the ’76 Clovers, Laney York of the Mad Hatters, and a tie between Joseph Gates and Ian Mosier of Crossville Prizewinners, and Atleigh Groff of the Grayville Go-Getters. Ian Mosier of the Crossville Prizewinners was the county winner of the 8 and 9-year-olds. Winners in the 10 and 11-year-old group were Cole Roberson of the ’76 Clovers, Trey Dixon of the Mad Hatters, Nate Garner of the Centerville Ripsnorters, and Gabriella Spencer of the Grayville Go-Getters. Nate Garner was the county winner. Winners in the age 12 group were Sydney Bryant of the “76 Clovers, Gia Berekashvili of Mad Hatters, Kaden Carter of the Centerville Ripsnorters, and Jesse Helton of the Crossville Prizewinners. Gia Berekashvili was the county winner of the age 12 group.

4-H members who excel in project work may compete in competition for state medals of honor. This year’s medal winners included Josephine Hubele: Achievement in their 4-H Career, Laney Cawthron and Abbie Bryant: Food & Nutrition, Laney Cawthron and Caitlin South: Animal Science, Trey Dixon: Community Involvement, Gia Berekashvili and Riley Price: Engineering & Technology, Payton Dixon, Sara Harrell, and Ian Mosier: Personal Development.

The Ken Korte Memorial Safety Award recognizes 4-H members who have outstanding work in the safety area. Eli Bryant took first place in the junior division, followed by Lane Buchanan in second. The winner in the senior division was Abbie Bryant, followed by Riley Price in second, and Caitlin South in third. The 4-H members received cash prizes sponsored by the Wabash Christian Therapy & Medical Clinic.

The Nolan Encouragement Award urges young people to keep trying hard no matter how big the obstacles are in their way. That ‘never give up’ attitude is recognized in this year’s three winners; Jesse Helton, Kilee Roser, and Mackenzie Willis.

Winners of the Health Award were: Lane Buchanan in the 8-12 age group. The winner in the 13-18 age group was Caitlin South. Earning second place was Abbie Bryant, and Payton Dixon receiving third. The health award checks were sponsored by Dr. Timothy Roser of the Carmi Family Dental Office.

The White County Association of Home and Community Education awards two $50 checks to 4-H members who excel in home and family 4-H projects. This year’s winners were Claire Cawthron and Payton Dixon.

Caitlin South decided this past year that she wanted to take electricity as one of her many projects. For her work, Caitlin earned the Illinois Electrification Council plaque.

We recognized four teens who have taken their 4-H experience beyond the county level. Each of them has shown their commitment to growing themselves as a leader, serve their communities, advocate for 4-H, or excel in a project area. Eva Nelson-Ochs is one of 22 4-H members state wide serving on the Illinois 4-H Youth Leadership Team. YLT responsibilities include serving as a trainer for the Speaking for IL 4-H program, assisting at state wide events, and planning the Junior High Leadership Conference. As a YLT member, Eva also served as part of Illinois delegation to National 4-H Conference in Washington D.C, and has applied to serve on the national conference design team. Jacob & Josephine Hubele both received the Illinois State 4-H Key Award. The Key Award is a statewide recognition program sponsored for older 4-H members. The purpose of the award is to reward members exhibiting outstanding leadership, community service, and mentoring during their 4-H involvement. A maximum of 30 4-H members are recognized as State 4-H Key Award recipients each year. Kennedy Cook, Josephine Hubele, and Eva Nelson-Ochs represented White County at Legislative Connection. In order to participate, they each have attended Speaking for Illinois 4-H training, and Eva has now completed Level II training. This important event allows 4-H members to travel to Springfield to meet with our elected officials. Each member advocates for funding for the 4-H program and tells their 4-H story. Josephine Hubele is also an Illinois State 4-H Award Winner in Project

Mastery. Josephine was one of 20 Illinois 4-H members chosen to receive the State 4-H Award. As a recipient of this award, Josephine will be attending National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, GA in December. Josephine has also been selected to proudly carry the Illinois flag as part of the opening ceremonies.

The demands on 4-H members in high school are great, so when they remain in 4-H and continue to achieve success, they are awarded the I Dare You Award. The winners this year were: Sophie Jones, Abie Garner, Alec Garner, Laney Cawthron, and Abbie Bryant.

Healy Farms sponsored the Community Involvement Award which recognizes members who are great at service to others. The winners in the senior division were: Jacob Hubele, first place, Josephine Hubele, second, and Payton Dixon, third. The winners in the junior division were: Ian Mosier, first place and Trey Dixon, second.

A new award to Illinois 4-H this year is called, The Bright Future Award, sponsored by Green Leaf, Inc., and the Tractor Supply Company, and is awarded to one local 4-H member who has demonstrated superior project work in the agricultural project areas of gardening/crops/plants/and/or horticulture. Cody Nausley received a plaque and a $25.00 Visa Gift Card.

JC Tinsley was honored to award two young ladies belt buckles on behalf of the Brownfield Ag News. WRUL/WROY and Brownfield Ag presented Abbie Bryant and Josephine Hubele with these buckles.

The Carmi Elks, and member George Johnson, sponsored the top club officers in the county: Josephine Hubele, top president; Gia Berekashvili, top secretary; Sydnie Hammell, top treasurer; and Riley Price, top news reporter.

The scrapbook completed by the 76 Clovers earned the top award.

Several clubs presented skits around the theme, “Adventures Await”. The Mad Hatters 4-H Club was selected for the top skit which was titled “Mad Hatters: Hunting for Adventures”.