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The Courtyard Welcomes Local Author Teresa Barger

Teresa BargerTeresa Barger, of rural Norris City calls herself an “accidental author” and found her inspiration for writing her first children’s book while praying for her husband during a stressful time at his work.

“Last year about this time, my husband was going through some stuff at work…dealing with a lot of stress.  And so I was praying for him and all of the sudden, I started getting this vision.  It was like a cartoon and this story was being told to me.”

That story ended up becoming the first of what will be a five book series.  Little Man’s Journey: The Mountain is the first book completed by Teresa and she was at The Courtyard recently for a book signing.  The other books in the series are already written and Barger says she’s just waiting on illustrations.

Little Man’s Journey:  The Mountain is about faith and trusting the Lord even when Little Mans Journeythings seem impossible.  The River is about salvation and that we should never be ashamed of being a Christian.  The Desert centers on envy and how it can dry up your heart if you allow it to.  The Garden is about purpose and what we view as our weaknesses and how the Lord uses those in His purpose.  The Cavern is about Little Man going into dark places and letting the light of Jesus shine to people who have never seen it.

Barger says she was overwhelmed at first, but she googled “everything” and brought her friends at church in on the project, who in turn were able to end up helping with everything from publishing to illustrations.  The first book was officially released in February and Barger says she’s received wonderful feedback so far.

Little Man’s Journey:  The Mountain is available on Amazon and will also be available at The Courtyard and it’s just $9.98 per copy.  She expects the next in the series to be available this summer.  Learn more at