Youth Archery Tournament Huge Success

Southern Illinois S3DA hosted the first Regional Qualifier of the 3-D season March 17, 2018.  There was a lot of excitement going into this tournament because of tremendous growth since the end of the 2017 3-D season.  This time last year there were 86 young people participating in this event. This year 109 kids came out for the shoot. This program has grown enough to warrant having to set 2 – 20 target ranges to accommodate the number of kids participating.

There was 7 clubs represented at this event.  Southern Illinois S3DA, NCOE, Hardin County, Gallatin County, Carmi, Wabash Warriors and Edwards County all had members shooting.

Elementary Fixed Pins Female

1st Brooklyn Campbell NCOE

2nd Parker Biggs Edwards County

3rd Olivia Howard NCOE

Elementary Fixed Pins Male

1st Grayson Wilson Gallatin County

2nd Grant Wilson Gallatin County

3rd Jaron Weaver Edwards County

Elementary Open Female

1st Lacy Sanders NCOE

Elementary Open Male

1st Reece Gholson Southern Illinois S3DA

2nd Hayden Sauls Southern Illinois S3DA

3rd Myles Barnett Southern Illinois S3DA

Elementary Traditional Male

1st Wyatt Wells NCOE

Middle School Fixed Pins Female

1st Alyson Williams Edwards County

2nd Addyson Monroe Gallatin County

3rd Dezerae Blair Southern Illinois S3DA

Middle School Fixed Pins Male

1st Jacob Weber Edwards County

2nd Morgan Pearce NCOE

3rd Collin Monroe Gallatin County

Middle School Open Female

1st Jerzi Sharp NCOE

Middle School Open Male

1st Drake Barnett Carmi-White County

2nd Nate Garner Carmi-White County

3rd Ethan Wyatt NCOE

Middle School Traditional Female

1st Adrianna Wilkerson Gallatin County

Middle School Olympic Recurve Female

1st Viktoria Mancheva Southern Illinois S3DA

High School Fixed Pins Female

1st Adriana Armstrong Hardin County

2nd Kassi Ketten Hardin County

3rd Jessica Shilling Wabash Warriors

High School Fixed Pins Male

1st Trenton Wick Edwards County

2nd Bailey Sneed Hardin County

3rd Colton Goines Hardin County

High School Open Female

1st Jalyn Sharp NCOE

2nd Zeppelyn Fiala NCOE

High School Open Male

1st Jase Kiefer Southern Illinois S3DA

2nd Devon Robinson NCOE

3rd Sean Neal NCOE

High School Traditional Male

1stHunter CullumHardin County

“ The event was a huge success.  If it keeps growing I’m not sure where I will park all the cars next year.  This is a good problem to have and I will figure out something. With each kid there was at least 1 adult and sometimes 2.” said Illinois S3DA State Coordinator Ricky Sauls.

White County Sheriff Doug Maier and 118th District State Representative Natalie Finnie came to see the event and both were impressed at the number of kids involved with this program.  There were kids from as far South as Vienna and as far North as Lake County which is North of Chicago.

Scholastic 3D Archery is an after-school program that fosters, educates and guide youth in the areas of 3D, Indoor target and Outdoor target archery as well as safe, ethical bowhunting practices.

For more information on S3DA in Illinois contact Ricky Sauls at: [email protected]