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With an Ex in Texas; Police Find Other Wanted Man in Tennessee

Two Indiana men, one from Mt. Vernon, the other from Evansville have court dates this week following their capture in other states last week.  Both men, Zachary Pribble of Mt. Vernon and Macer Ours of Evansville, were wanted as part of Operation Guillotine, an undercover drug investigation.  Pribble was found in Texas while Ours was found in Tennessee.

Mr. Pribble has been charged with dealing methanmpetamines.  Authorities say he sold approximately 16 grams of meth to an undercover police informant.  If found guilty, Pribble faces up to 3 decades behind bars.  He’s currently behind bars in the Posey County Jail on a quarter of a million dollars bond. He’ll be in Posey County Circuit Court Monday morning at 9am.

Ours meanwhile allegegedly sold 3 grams of meth to an undercover informant and is facing up to a dozen years in prison if he’s found guilty.  Ours will be in court a week from today (Monday) on September 24th.  He remains jailed at the Posey County Jail with $150,000 bond required for his temporary release.

Agencies who assisted in the investigation include Indiana State Police, the Posey County Sheriff’s Office and Mt. Vernon PD.