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White County Sheriff’s Department Investigating Multiple Thefts

The White County Sheriff’s Department has had a lot going on the last couple of days…

Monday morning, Mike Rowe of J&B Sand and Gravel contacted Deputy Michael Brown by phone, saying he had some individuals that had broken some windows on his building located at 1724 County Road 1000 North in Maunie and had taken a fire extinguisher as well.  Rowe said he had gone into the Sheriff’s Department after work that afternoon to file a report.  Then around 1:30 PM Rowe called back and said he had a young man back on his property on a four-wheeler.  Deputy Brown said he would go there and speak with him.  Upon the Deputy’s arrival, Rowe showed him the damage to the window.  Brown then photographed the windows and attached them to his report.  Rowe also said the young man got in his dump truck and tried to drive off.  No other details on the incident were made available.

Also on Monday, Deputy Michael Brown spoke with Jane Sykes of Carmi on the phone and she said someone had cut her fence on her horse pasture at 1455 County Road 900 East, back on November 11th.  Sykes said she already patched the fence, and filed a report with the Sheriff’s Department.  There are no other details available.

Tuesday morning, Sgt. Justin Spencer met with 49 year old Terry Pollard of Carmi concerning a report of a handgun having been stolen from inside his residence at 1212 West Sycamore Street.  Pollard said he’s certain where the handgun was stored about a month ago, but realized Tuesday that it was missing.  Pollard believes someone entered his residence and removed the handgun without permission.  He said it was a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Auto caliber pistol, black with an integral laser sighting device.  A report on the theft was filed with the Sheriff’s Department, and Pollard was told he would be contacted if any further information becomes available.  Pollard said he would contact the Department if he obtained any information regarding the handgun’s whereabouts.

Late Tuesday morning, Officer George Spencer met with 40 year old Clarence Lucas of Carmi about the theft of approximately 170 barrels of oil from a Shawnee Oil Company tank battery located at the east side of the intersection of County Road 2400 North and County Road 2075 East.  Lucas said the tank had been gauged on October 6th and on October 7th the oil was missing.  He said the company originally believed the oil had been removed by CountryMark since CountryMark is the service that transports oil from Shawnee’s tank batteries.  But when Shawnee Oil Company balanced their accounts at the end of October, it was learned that CountryMark had not removed any product from that tank on that date.  A report was filed with the Sheriff’s Department and Lucas will be contacted if any further information became available.



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