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White County Sheriff’s Department Investigates a Couple of Burglaries Tuesday

The White County Sheriff’s Department responded to a burglary report Tuesday morning from Louis M. Hagler of Cape Girardeau, MO.

Hagler advised, at 10:51 PM Monday, the alarm for the building located on the south side of his property at 925 East at 2400 North in Carmi was showing a break in to the building.

When Louis observed the building, on Tuesday, he noticed the side door on the west side had been tampered with as someone had tried to cut the lock out of the door. The front sliding door on the north side of the building was the entry point, as the suspect had left shoe impressions next to the door where they had tried to pry the door out to gain access to the property.

At this time it is unknown what property was taken from the building.



The White County Sheriff’s Department received a report from Roy Todd Holtzclaw, of Carmi, Tuesday afternoon, of a burglary at his residence, located at 1586 East at 925 North.

Holtzclaw advised that he left his residence Tuesday at approximately 7:00 AM and when he returned at approximately 3:30 PM, he observed his front door was open. The door appeared to have been kicked in as there were shoe prints on the door. Inside the bedroom was a bucket with approximately $300 in change. The bucket was left at the scene but the change was gone. A 380 Lorcin pistol was taken out of a wooden gun case. The gun case had been pried open at the bottom. Other doors at the residence were also tampered with.

Crime Scene was called to investigate the incident.



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