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White County Sheriff’s Department Has Busy Sunday

Sunday was not a day of rest for the White County Sheriff’s Department, as three separate incidences took place that day.

At 9:50 AM, Deputy Michael Brown went to 28 year old Zachary Kleilein’s residence at 601 East Main Street in Norris City in response to a call that Kleilein’s vehicle and garage were broken into the night before.  He said his wife had just cleaned out his vehicle, but he didn’t believe anything was taken. Kleilein said he thought it was kids because the car was locked, other than the driver’s side door.  Deputy Brown asked if he wanted to sign a complaint and he said yes.  Walking in front of the house, Kleilein showed the Deputy where a couple of items from the garage had been dropped on the ground.  The items were a Christmas ornament and a bottle of water.  They were photographed, but left with Zachary.

At 1:00 PM, Deputy Brown arrived at the residence of 38 year old Jason Laymance at 404 Wilson Street in Enfield for a warrant check.  Laymance was wanted on a White County Original warrant for Retail Theft (fuel from Huck’s).  He became upset and asked what the bond amount would be.  As a result of checking with dispatch on the bond, it was discovered that there was also an original Hamilton County warrant for Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding a Police Officer.  The Deputy allowed Laymance to go inside and change his shirt and shoes due to them being covered in something black from his house.  After asking him to come outside, Deputy Brown didn’t receive an answer, so crews went through the house and found he was not inside.  Officer Malone arrived on the scene and said he believed that Laymance had fled on foot.  The two then went to the north side of the residence and identified themselves, asking him to come out, but there was no reply.  They began looking through the timber behind the house and called for Laymance to come out.  Officer Malone saw him by the Enfield Packaging Plant and started to gave chase on foot, but then got into his patrol car and went to the packaging plant.  Laymance ran north through the timber and was going to the next street.  Details were not made available, but Malone arrested Laymance on an additional charge of Resisting or Obstructing a Police Officer. Jason Laymance is being held in the White County Jail on $2,550 bond.

And just before midnight Sunday, Deputy Matt Wicker was on routine patrol westbound on Oak Street in Carmi, when he observed a man riding a bicycle.  The Deputy recognized him as Logan Fisk, 34, of 405 Rudolph in Crossville.  Knowing Fisk had an active arrest warrant out for him, Deputy Wicker pulled him over into the DMV parking lot and notified him of the warrant.  A Carmi Officer arrived on the scene to assist.  Fisk was arrested and is being held in the White County Jail on $7,500 bond.




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