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White County HCE Sets the Scene for this Saturday’s Style Show and Salad Luncheon

The White County HCE is preparing for a fun Saturday with the Style Show and Luncheon.  It’s coming up at the Carmi Emmanuel Church in Edgewood from 11am – 1pm.  And it’s a big year for the HCE, celebrating 100 years in Illinois, the group has been around for 80 years in White County.  Carol Skaggs and Patty Mills were recent guests on WROY’s Open Line to talk about the White County Home and Community Education program.  Mills says she can’t say enough good things about HCE.

“Well it’s an education program…I’ve met the nicest people over the last five years.  They’re always willing to help, they’re passionate about education.  There are lessons available through the Illinois extension.  They’re so helpful.”

Some folks will pigeonhole the organization as just for women or just for an older population.  The HCE has modernized over the last century however and Skaggs says offers information that’s useful to a wide range of individuals and regardless of their age.

“But women always want to learn and we [the HCE] try to be viable.  A hundred years ago, one of the main lessons was about how to make a mattress.  Now our lessons are more on air fryers and convection ovens and different ways that we can be viable in the home.  There are a lot of women who are self sufficient and they have to be.  So, they need to be relevant in what they know.”

Skaggs says to learn more about the program, you can reach out to any of the 55 current HCE members or can get in touch with the University of Illinois Extension office and they can help get you in touch with someone.  Another great opportunity is to show up at the Style Show and Salad Luncheon.  Mills sets the scene.

“We’re gonna have all kinds of salads…meat salads, vegetable salads, dessert salads all made by our members.  We’ll have raffle baskets…a chocolate basket, kitchen basket, there’s a Scentsy basket, and a clothing accessory basket I know for sure.  We have door prizes and the best part is the models, which is us.  I must say it’s never been on my bucket list to be a fashion show.”

The clothes for the style show will be provided by sponsor Duo Boutique and Coffeeshop.  Tickets are just $10 and can be purchased at the door.  The day gets underway at 11am and will wrap up around 1pm.  You can get in touch with someone with White County HCE by calling the extension office at 618-382-2276.


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