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White County Cheering for a Cure Set for another Big Year

Now in it’s 11th year, White County Cheering for a Cure is still picking up steam.  The organization raised about $35,000 in 2023 after taking a couple years off due to CoViD complications.  That $35,000 is the most the crew has raised since the events inception.  Just like the newly formed Coins for Cancer organization, Cheering for a Cure aims to raise funds and then directly inject them back into the community by way of giving donations directly to those undergoing cancer treatment.  Moore explains the evolution while Rice talks impact.

“Moore:  We started with a national Cheer for a Cure organization back in 2011.  And after 4 years with them, we decided we could do it on our own and provide local families with more financial assistance if we did that.  So we broke away and since then we’ve been able to provide a lot more.

Rice:  We’ve provided over $100,000 to local families within the White County and surrounding areas in the last 7 years.”

Both women have been impacted, as so many are, by cancer diagnoses within their families.  Rice, with her daughter Megan, and Moore, her mother in law.  Those experiences are what prompted them to take the difference they were making and give it more gumption by applying those dollars directly to those in need.  Rice says even if you’ve got insurance, you can’t be prepared for the daily financial strain, especially the daily drives and travel, that treatment puts on a family.

“With leukemia and some other cancers where you have a course of two plus years of treatment, it just adds up.  For the first 3-6 months, you’re going every week, and then you go every other week, and then once a month, it just really adds up.  I was incredibly touched when I was able to get a little bit of money to help with that.  This community was just…I get emotional if I think about it…so supportive of Megan with all the fundraising they did for us.  And I just feel like that’s why God put Lacey and I together and started this competition with no idea that we were going to be affected personally.  It’s humbling when somebody hands you money.  On the flip side, it’s really a blessing.”

The goal is obviously to raise funds through the event, but it’s also a competition giving youngsters a chance to show up and show off their skills.  Doors will open at McDougal-Evers gymnasium on January 27th at 7:30am with competition set to get underway at around 8:30am.  Moore talks what to expect.

“This year we have 14 local teams coming to us whether they’re high school, junior high, or all star teams.  The day is packed from 8:30am until 1pm with cheerleading, and stunt teams.  In addition, we’ll be selling apparel, we’ll have food from the Green Pig, drinks and coffee from Holy Grounds, and this year we’re adding in a vendor fair.”

Once again, all money raised goes directly to help locals.  Some of this year’s recipients include:  Brooklyn Budde, Madeline Lamp, Robin Tupper, and Dana Hull.  Moore says there are others who are choosing to fight privately the group will assist.  Cancer survivors are also welcome at the event.  Moore says at 1pm, a gym full of folks will honor any current cancer fighters and survivors who are in attendance.

You can learn more about the event by finding White County Cheering for a Cure on facebook or by clicking here.


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