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Westwood Sheriff Speaks With Cowpokes At Thursday’s Kiwanis Meeting

It wasn’t Roy Mann…it was another Grayville law official, albeit unofficial who spoke at the Carmi Kiwanis Club Thursday afternoon.  Sheriff of Rest Up Camping and RV Corral, Joe Hillenbrand gave the cowpokes in attendance at Thursday’s get together an update on how the western themed business model is doing.

Back in March of 2017, Hillenbrand says the city of Grayville signed off on the project and ground was broken that summer.  The ground includes a total of 54 acres that Hillenbrand says proved to be the perfect location they were looking for.

“It was enticing to us because it is located right off of the interstate, not too close to the interstate where there’s not a lot of traffic noise, but not so far away that people driving through aren’t interested to drive that far to find you.”

The location is key as it’s nicely situated between St. Louis and Louisville.  Joe says the property will soon have 50 RV sites (they have 42 current) and there are even 10 log cabins for folks who don’t travel with an RV to utilize for overnight stays.  The restaurant was the first thing to open to the public.  Even though it was maybe a bit early, Hillenbrand says they were anxious to get their feet wet and by opening early without much fanfare, they’ve been able to work out any kinks.  In addition to following the old west town décor theme, the food is all made from scratch, as Hillenbrand says, “down to the ranch dressing”.  The menu items are also fit into the theme…a hot dog dressed up is described as a hog in the trough, for example.  Opening the restaurant first has allowed them to do some research and permitted them to learn when to have the best operating hours.  Currently the restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, though he says as they get better known and busier, that may change.

In addition to the restaurant, the Westwood experience includes a 27 hole miniature golf course labeled Frontier Adventure Golf, the Lil Pokes Playground, Diamond Kays Dance Hall which seats 125 comfortably and serves as a banquet room perfect for wedding receptions, family reunions and such.  There’s also the Westwood Corral, an outdoor venue that can be used as the same, shooting galleries, and Bob’s Ice Cream Parlor.

Future plans for the campground include a bath house, tent sites, more RV sites, and premium sites.  For the downtown area, Westwood plans include adding a barber shop, a vaudeville style Old west photo booth, Bocce ball court and even a chapel.   Learn more about the Grayville upstart at

In Corn Days news, Kiwanis president reminds us that Corn Day is only 21 days away.  More details on specific events will be coming soon here at WROY/WRUL News.  Emily Williams reports that there are 32 contestants for the Corn Day Pageant.  That event will be held on Friday night, October 11th beginning at 5:30pm from the Carmi White County High School Auditorium.  We should have additional details next week on that event.

Adam Winkleman says there will be at least 9 marching bands in this year’s Corn Days parade.  This year’s parade theme is “Once Upon a Time”.  To enter the parade, you should contact Kara Kessler at First Bank.

Finally, a limited supply of Corn Cob style Corn Day hats are available for purchase now through Corn Day.  The hats are $20 each and everybody who buys one is entered into a drawing to win $100.  The head gear is available for purchase at Dartt & Company on South Walnut, First Mid-Illinois Bank on Main Street, and Peoples National Bank on Commerce in Carmi.