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Wayne-White Coop warning customers of new scam

Someone is posing as a Wayne-White Electric employee and calling cooperative customers to tell them that they have a “work order” and are about to disconnect their electricity if they don’t pay them over the phone. As an option, this person gives the customer an 800 number to call them back on and make payment.  This makes them sound more legitimate.

The 800 number they give out is also false (not Wayne-White) yet if you call it, they will answer the number and say that it IS Wayne-White and they take your money.  At least one member has fallen victim to this scam and lost a sizable amount of money.   BE CAREFUL.

If you have ANY doubt whatsoever that a call is legitimate and truly comes from the cooperative, hang up and call us directly at our regular number. DO NOT give out payment information over the phone to anyone unless you are certain that you are speaking to Wayne-White Electric Cooperative.