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Village of Enfield, Carmi City Council, Hamilton County Board Meetings Coming Up This Week

Other meetings slated for this week include 3 we’ll try to cover for you Tuesday evening including Carmi City Council, the Enfield Village Board and Hamilton County Board.

The Carmi City Council will convene Tuesday evening at 5:30 from Council Chambers, 225 East Main Street.  The only noteworthy agenda item aside from regular reports and standing committee business is Erica Zieren.  She’s on the agenda to discuss the naming of the Burrells Woods dog park currently in planning and construction.  There’s also a closed session planned for discussion of property and personnel.  No action is expected to follow however.

Nothing extraordinary stands out on the Enfield Village Board meeting.

At Hamilton County, a lengthy agenda includes an update from Andy Rubenacker who will be on hand to provide an update on the Bi-Centennial Committee’s efforts.  Assistant Fire Chief Jim Morris of McLeansboro is on the agenda as well.  He’ll be discussing the Pyrotechnic Use Act with Board members.  Beyond that, Sheriff Tracy Lakin will present his regular report.  Of note however is expected discussion on the School Resource Officer Agreement between the County and Hamilton County Unit 10 School District.  This was a major point of contention last year with the officer technically hired by and reporting to the Hamilton County Sheriff and County Board.  Some board members were concerned with the school board’s use of the Officer with regards to the hours worked and the contract agreed to.  With the first day back to school less than a month away, this could be an agenda item to watch.  Hamilton County is also expected to accept the Hamilton County Coal Royalty Summary Report which includes a June check worth nearly half a million dollars ($467,363.63).  Finally, we’re hoping to get details on the agreed upon City/County Inter-Governmental Agreement for Dispatch Services.  The agreement was signed off on at last week’s McLeansboro Council Meeting but city leaders didn’t divulge any details.  We expect to learn more tomorrow night.