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Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry Says Gun Buying Process Hamstrung with Unreasonable Delays

The demand for guns in Illinois skyrocketed in 2020, especially among first-time buyers.

Valinda Rowe of Enfield is the spokeswoman for gun rights group Illinois Carry and she says fear of stronger gun laws is driving demand.

The trouble is that the wait time for Firearm Owner IDs is taking months. Because the Illinois State Police are swamped with buyer applications, they have been unable to issue Illinois’ required Firearm Owner IDs in a timely manner.

She thinks it’s time for Illinois to update it’s process.

Rowe says law-abiding citizens should not have to wait months to be able to buy guns.

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  1. Steve Pascal
    Steve Pascal
    May 26, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    Where are our legislatures when we need them?

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