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Unit 5 School Administrator Salary Increase Authorization Raises Concerns

One of the subjects that kept coming up at the Truth in Taxation Public Hearing Tuesday night was adding to property taxes while residents were anticipating being asked to help fund a new Unit 5 School.  Hand in hand with that, some are expressing their displeasure with members of the School Board for voting Monday night to give 4 administrators 2% raises.  While the total sum of the raises should amount to only around $7,000 based on our calculations, some residents are angry based on the principal of the matter.  WROY/WRUL News  reached out to and anticipates setting up an interview with school board president Andy Acord and will also extend an invitation to any other school board members available to join us for a deeper look at the school situation along with decisions made and future expected within the next week.  Stay tuned for additional details.