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Three Arrested For Possession Of Meth In Wayne County

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office made 3 meth arrests Monday during different events.

The first event took place on Monday around 7 PM when deputies conducted a traffic stop on Mark Malone of Springerton. Malone and a passenger, 66-year-old Gregg Duckworth of Fairfield, were in the vehicle when officers located meth in Malone’s possession. During the stop, deputies noticed Duckworth attempt to hide a box behind the glove box area. Deputies searched the box and found what they say is over 30 grams of suspected meth. Malone faces a count of possession of meth while Duckworth faces charges of possession of meth and possession with the intent to distribute meth. Both men are being held in the Wayne County Jail.

At 10 PM Monday, deputies were sent to a residence in northern Wayne County where Sean Dawkins was located. Deputies were sent to serve Papers involving an emergency order of protection from Mary J. Dawkins. Upon service of papers, deputies noticed in what they describe as plain view a meth pipe inside of the residence. Deputies inquired about the pipe and Dawkins attempted to flee and destroy evidence. Sean Dawkins was detained and a search warrant was granted by a judge to search the property. During the search, officers found a pair of firearms, numerous rounds of ammunition, suspected meth, and paraphernalia. Sean Dawkins was arrested and booked into the Wayne County Jail on preliminary charges of possession of meth, unlawful use of a weapon, obstructing justice, use of property to violate the methamphetamine act, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Dawkins was booked into the Wayne County Jail.


  1. Triesta Stone
    Triesta Stone
    June 1, 2023 at 4:21 pm

    Until the judicial system realizes rehab should be mandatory instead of jail. We will be paying millions of dollars for incarcerated individuals

    • Ron Miller
      Ron Miller
      June 2, 2023 at 1:35 pm

      These guys have been strung out on meth since they were in their teens. No amount of rehab or education would’ve ever fix this. Why they’re on the street now is beyond me.

      • Cody Dancer
        Cody Dancer
        September 4, 2023 at 6:42 pm

        Non-violent drug offenders should have to go to rehab instead of jail. Non-violent drug offenders should be in rehab and gun crime offenders should get life if they kill someone and then we clear our jails for the people murdering people. Gun crimes would go down if we just gave people mandatory life sentence. And use better mental health and rehab programs for drug offenders.


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