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Statement from Deputy Governor Leslie Munger on Court Ruling to Prioritize Lawmaker Pay

Deputy Governor Leslie Munger released the following statement on lawmaker pay, calling on Comptroller Susana Mendoza to ask for an immediate stay of the judge’s ruling pending appeal.

“Today, we witnessed the ultimate act of self interest – lawmakers putting their very own paychecks ahead of taxpayers, vital human services and those in need. For more than two years, lawmakers have failed to do their job and now believe they should be paid for doing nothing. As the judge said last week, if lawmakers did what they were sent to Springfield to do and passed a balanced budget this wouldn’t be an issue.

“Rather than immediately releasing all the back pay, the Comptroller should request independent counsel and ask for an immediate stay of the ruling pending her appeal. The fact the Comptroller didn’t immediately request a stay is further proof that the Comptroller, Attorney General and Speaker Madigan are engaged in a coordinated abuse of taxpayers.”