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State Representative Adam Niemerg Urges Opposition to Radical ISBE Mandates

Dieterich, IL…State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) this week joined several of his colleagues at a press conference to urge citizens to oppose new State Board of Education rules that would require teachers to not only encourage students to become far left activists, but to also embrace progressive ideology as a condition of receiving a license to teach.

The “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards,” goes far beyond requiring teachers to promote progressive ideology, but also requires teachers to essentially embrace “woke” ideals. According to Section 24.50 G) The culturally responsive teacher and leader will:

5) Embrace and encourage progressive viewpoints and perspectives that leverage asset thinking toward traditionally marginalized populations.

“In other words, if these new rules take effect, it will be the job of Illinois teachers to become woke warriors and focus their time and energy on indoctrinating their students to also become woke warriors,” Niemerg said. “The emphasis here is not on opening students’ minds and giving them the tools to think for themselves. Students should not be subjected to this kind of indoctrination and teachers should not have their consciences violated just to teach in public schools. Teachers have a right of conscience and parents have a right to know that their children are not going to be indoctrinated with far-left political ideology.”

Niemerg said the proposed “Culturally Responsive Teaching” rules will be debated by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) at their meeting on February 16. The Committee, composed of an equal number of Republican and Democrat legislators, can vote to block their implementation.

“What is happening in Illinois is a test case that will be duplicated across the country,” Niemerg said. “We must these rules from being adopted before it is too late. I urge everyone to call the members of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and voice your opposition to the “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards.” The goal of our education system should be to give students the tools they need to think for themselves – not to teach them what to think.

Concerned parents and school officials can find JCAR members and contact them here.




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