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Sheriff’s Department Deals with Trio of Theft/Burglary Reports

The White County Sheriff’s Department dealt with a trio of theft/burglary reports this weekend, one per day beginning Friday.

Late Friday night, the department heard from Christine Pardue of Crossville who says she was watching the residence of 37 year old Kimberly Jones.  You may remember, Jones was arrested Thursday morning at the White County Probation Office.  (story here…  Pardue told the deputy she left the Jones residence around 1pm and came back at about 7pm to find the south side door had been forced open and that many things had been moved around.  She says a tv, hard drive for a camera security system and a tool of some sort was missing.  Additionally, two televisions were placed by the door for whoever she expected to come back later to take.  She advised she boarded up the door and would contact the Sheriff’s Department if she noticed anything else was missing.  The deputy indicates in the report he didn’t notice any shoe prints on the door to indicate it had been kicked open.  Pardue says Kimberly Jones’ dog was also missing and it had been taken by someone before.


On Saturday afternoon, the department heard from 44 year old Christopher Jolley of rural Norris City.  Jolley told the deputy someone or some ones stole his 1980 Fleetwood camper trailer.  He couldn’t produce any paperwork or the serial number for the camper but told authorities it had been on the property for quite some time.  The perpetrator took the camper sometime between 12:30 and 4pm.  Additionally, Jolley told the department it appeared someone had gone through his storage building on his property.


Yesterday evening shortly after 7pm, a Broughton couple reached out to the agency saying two vehicles were missing from property where they used to live in rural Enfield.  Jamee Enlow says the house she and her husband lived at had burned down in November of 2018.  They left a black volvo and a white and gray Chevy pickup that belonged to her husband’s father before he died.  To further complicate the matter, Enlow says all paperwork burned in the fire so she couldn’t produce VIN numbers.  The Enlows say they could see marks in the earth where the thief/thieves dragged the vehicles to load them.  Both vehicles were last seen at the property on April 4th.  The Enlows are contacting their insurance company to try to recover the VIN numbers and will be calling area scrap yards urging them to be on the lookout for the vehicles.

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  1. Steve Pascal
    Steve Pascal
    May 3, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    Seems like any time an arrest is made for any burglary or theft in White County is when the perp(s) turn themselves in and only then. Wouldn’t hurt for certain deps. to practice their report writing skills too. lol

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