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Scams on the Rise

Scams On the Rise

Scam artists are always on the prowl looking for ways into your personal information. Once there they go for the big score, your bank account.

The most recent hoax targeting the Tri-State involves jury duty. A jury summons will only come through the mail, not over the phone.

It doesn’t stop there.

The Better Business Bureau says residents in the Southern District of Indiana are being targeted by phone. The scammers give information about an outstanding debt which seems convincing. They’re then told they can avoid arrest by paying through a debit, or gift card.

Tax time also brings out the scammers.

The Federal Trade Commission is warning folks to keep an eye on who gets access to their social security numbers. Unless it’s “your known” and trusted tax preparer, never give that information out by phone. In many of these calls, the scammers tell the victim their social security number was stolen, or was used in a crime. They threaten to revoke the number if you don’t comply. Simply hang up the phone, and do not give any personal information. Remember, the Social Security Administration will never call asking for your social security number over the phone.

Another scam involves the sweetest of days in the month. Valentines Day scammers are preparing to pull on heart strings.

The Better Business Bureau says romance scams prey on people looking to make a connection with others. They say the emotional harm to the victim can be more painful than the monetary loss. Usually the scam takes form as on online relationship, or even through an app. The fraudster is said to learn about the victim through interactions on their public profiles before getting comfortable enough to ask for money.

Scams can be dangerous so remember; do not give money to someone you have never met, and don’t give any personal information out over the phone.