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Righter: New education funding reform provides boost for downstate schools, doesn’t bailout Chicago

An analysis by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) found schools across the state, especially in State Sen. Dale Righter’s (R-Mattoon) 55th Senate District, fare better under new education funding reform legislation (Senate Bill 1124 – Amendment 3) compared to education funding reform legislation passed by Senate Democrats May 31 (Senate Bill 1).

“Our schools receive more funding compared to Senate Bill 1, the Chicago Public School system doesn’t receive a bailout, and this legislation includes priorities from both Republicans and Democrats,” Righter said. “This is not only the best school funding reform proposal on the table, it’s one that faces that best chance at becoming law, as Gov. Rauner has indicated he supports it. If we are serious about making every student a priority across the state – not just students in one city – Senate Bill 1124 gets us there.


“I want to stress that this plan is a compromise,” Righter said. “Much of what is in the Senate Democrats’ Senate Bill 1, is in this legislation. The fact it helps every school district across the state and doesn’t make one group of students the clear winner is proof enough there is no partisan approach in this proposal.”

The full ISBE analysis for both bills is available at