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Residents raise concerns over gaming licenses at Norris City Board meeting

Several residents addressed the Board for about thirty minutes to voice their concerns about giving out a gaming license to Smith Co. They said there are enough places where there were gaming machines and liquor being served and it would encourage more drinking. There were also concerns about underage people getting access to liquor. Mayor Roy Kissell said they had legitimate concerns and they have to weigh that along with bringing more business into the Village. Everyone agreed that you have to be very careful that it be an asset and not a detriment.

Aaron Summers of Mimmo’s restaurant wants to add an outdoor dining area for about 25 to 30 people. The Village would have to see if there were water or sewer lines they would have to avoid. He also would like to get a pour license to allow them to serve customers a drink with their meal and to obtain a gaming license. He wondered if the TIF district could help with the expansion and Mayor Kissell said he would talk to their TIF attorney to see if it was possible.

All the details on the liquor license for Smith Co are not completed yet, so it will be brought up at next month’s meeting.

Joan Fromm of Gallatin County told the Board she is interested in bringing an Air B&B to Norris City. An Air B&B is usually someone’s home that is rented out for short-term lodging and it’s booked over the internet. Fromm said she’s thinking about purchasing a home in the city to use as an Air B&B and wondered if the TIF district would be able to help her with funding. Mayor Kissell said he would look into it.

Denise Karnes with the Library asked if the Village could clear the Library parking lot when it snows as a lot of people use it and sometimes it’s hard to enter with the parking lot covered with snow or ice. The Board said there would be no problem with that and would be happy to do it.

In the TIF district update, the contracts have been signed with Shorty’s BBQ to build, and with Do-Over Décor on replacing the windows and making repairs. Concerning the downtown stage being built, a committee is being formed on designing the stage, with one representative each from the Village Board, Township, Norris City Industries, and Dairy Days. Board member Joe Skaggs volunteered to their representative.

The Board agreed to an engineering contract with Brown and Roberts for $490,800 to repair the trickler system at the Sanitary Plant. Work should take about six months.

Ameren will have a crew coming in shortly to trim trees. They also offered the Village a construction program to install street lights in town. Two new lights on Willis Street near Cherry Street and two new lights on Wade Street near Cherry and Norris City would only have to pay the electric bill. Also, they will put in new lights at Beaty and Hulette fields at no cost.

In the police report for February, there were no reports written, arrests made or citations issued and there were 11 9-1-1 calls. Officers were present at the NCOE Homecoming and Regional basketball games and no incidents were reported. Officers Dale and Stokes assisted the Carmi Police Department’s Sgt. Buttry with a K9 drug search at the high school and a k9 demonstration at the Annex for the students. Also, Chief Tharp attended the Southern Illinois Criminal Justice Summit in Effingham.

And in the animal control report, one stray dog and one stray cat were captured.

The next Village Board meeting will be Monday, April 2nd at 7 p.m.