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Representative Darren Bailey Responds to Unemployment Filing Difficulty

Representative Darren Bailey is responding to constituents who say they continue to have trouble filing for unemployment with the Illinois Department of Employment Security.  He says people are experiencing…

“Lots of delays and many times people can’t even get through. The phone lines are jammed. The Governor’s Office has given us their assurance that they are working to correct this, however, we are in week two and it’s still just as bad as it was. So continue to call. The unemployment lines are open from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening. I am advising people to go online and take care of business there. They’ve even issued in alphabetical sequence for certain days but so far that’s not working either. There’s just as many people that cannot get through for that. The best bet right now is just be patient.”

He also had this to say to small business owners whether they have employees or not…

“You know there’s a lot of small business owners out there that don’t have employees. Much of the state resources don’t really a cover that. I’m encouraging some to go ahead and try to the file for unemployment under the sole proprietorship, but I think we’re going to see some meaningful help with the federal bill. Some of this money that’s going to be giving away, some of these loans, Small Business Administration Loans, look like there’s going to be some forgiveness up to eight weeks if you continue to pay your employees and or help with paying mortgage, rent, and utilities, and so forth to keep business flowing and hopefully uninterrupted.”

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