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Reis Rejects Taxpayer Funded Abortion Bill

Representative David Reis (R-Ste. Marie) cast a resounding no vote on Tuesday when on a bill that would radically expand access to elective, taxpayer-funded abortions. HB 40 on Tuesday. Reis spoke against the abortion-on-demand legislation, citing moral objections and the potential for explosive future cost increases to Medicaid.
“I am a proud pro-life legislator,” Reis said. “I have stood on this House floor many times before in defense of the rights of the unborn and will continue to do so. Our taxpayer dollars should not be used in this way. The people of Illinois should not be forced to subsidize the termination of the innocent lives of the unborn.”
During debate questioning, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) admitted that the bill will expand the use of Medicaid to pay for elective abortions. The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) has estimated that the bill could result in an extra $60 million of Medicaid spending to cover abortions per year.
“The bill’s sponsor admitted that the bill allows women to choose abortions for any reason, during any stage of pregnancy,” Reis said. “This law would allow for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand. Our budget crisis alone should be enough to convince people to reject this kind of law. We can’t afford to spend one more dollar, let alone $60 million more for this barbaric practice.”
Also on Tuesday, hundreds of women descended on Springfield to march in support of equal pay for women, expanded abortion access, and a host of other issues. Reis says he was discouraged by the callous lack of self-awareness shown by the supporters of HB 40 and the women rallying at the Capitol on Tuesday.
“I found it incredibly sad that on ‘Women’s Day’ in Springfield, this kind of bill was debated,” Reis said. “There was no recognition by the sponsors of this bill or the marchers that millions of women’s lives were never even begun because abortion ended their lives. As a society, we are called to protect the most vulnerable among us. I believe to my core that protecting unborn children is of the highest of callings.”