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Records set at 7th Annual Young Leader pistol shoot Saturday

Shooting steel. Shooting steel targets for speed has become a popular sport. Many shooters at the Young Leader Pistol Shoot were able to shoot all 5 targets in less than 3 seconds. Pictured is Dawn Williams of Carmi who placed eleventh overall in the Speed Steel event and sixth overall in the Marksmanship event.

This year’s Young Leader Pistol Shoot set records for the annual event. Not only did this year’s events have a record number of shooters and sponsors, but the top speeds were significantly faster than in last year’s event.

Back row (left to right): Tim Armstrong, Kirke Muse, Jason Kosikowski, Matthew Robertson, Elmer Simmons, Frederick Holmes, Les Cline, and Fred Holmes.

Middle row (left to right): Ralph Duvall, Trevor Armstrong, Valinda Rowe, Dawn Williams, Tina Musgrove, Marjorie Holmes, Sheryl Woodham, Robert Hast, and Matthew Raney.

Front row (left to right): Kelly Robertson, Matthew Dixon, Dale Mangum, Bart Carson, Gordon Simpson, Eric Zachman, Doug Anderson, Ryan Williams, and Dale Raney.

Not pictured: Matt Rhinehart.

Twenty-seven shooters from throughout Illinois gathered for the 7th Annual Young Leader Pistol Shoot, coordinated by the White County Farm Bureau Young Leader Committee. The event was held on Saturday, July 8 at the Carmi Rifle Club, and featured shooters of all ages and experience.

In the “Speed Steel” Competition, shooters had to work their way through five stations with five steel targets each. Individuals shot five relays at each station. Time was kept for each round, with the slowest time at each station being dropped. The lowest overall time won the competition.

Winners of the 7th Annual Young Leader Pistol Shoot – Trevor Armstrong won first place in the youth division for both the Speed Steel and the Display of Marksmanship events. Tim Armstrong was first place winner in the adult division for the Speed Steel event. Les Cline (middle) was the winner of the drawing for the Browning Buckmark pistol, and he took third place in the Speed Steel event. Dale Raney took third place in the Marksmanship event. Frederick Holmes (far right) won first place in the Marksmanship and second place in the Speed Steel competition. Not pictured is Fred Holmes who won second place in the Marksmanship event.

In the adult division, Tim Armstrong from Tunnel Hill, IL won the division with a total time of 61.94 seconds. Second place went to Frederick Holmes of Bloomington, IN with a time of 65.70 seconds. Les Cline of Cisne, IL took third place with a time of 74.42 seconds. Armstrong won a brick of .22 ammunition for winning the division.

In the youth division, Trevor Armstrong from Tunnel Hill, IL took first place with a time of 88.80 seconds. Trevor Armstrong was the only shooter to compete in the youth division this year. He also won a brick of .22 ammunition for winning the youth division.

All of the shooters were given one ticket for the grand prize drawing of a Browning BuckMark .22 target pistol. The top three shooters in each division were given extra chances. Les Cline of Cisne, IL was the winner of the pistol.

Here’s a roundup of the shooting times for this year’s event (in seconds)… Tim Armstrong 61.94, Frederick Holmes 65.70, Les Cline 74.42, Eric Zachman 75.40, Fred Holmes 77.40, Gordon Simpson 81.96, Jason Kosikowski 83.00, Elmer Simmons 83.10, Valinda Rowe 84.70, Bart Carson 85.63, Dawn Williams 87.90, Trevor Armstrong 88.80, Kelly Robertson 92.46, Sheryl Woodham 92.86, Doug Anderson 97.35, Matthew Robertson 118.81, Robert Hast 119.81, Dale Mangum 120.57, Tina Musgrove 121.90, Marjorie Holmes 121.91, Ryan Williams 123.28, Matt Rhinehart 125.44, Dale Raney 139.17, Matthew Raney 143.59, Kirke Muse 183.84, Ralph Duvall 188.15, and Matthew Dixon 227.08.

Following lunch, shooters gathered for the second event of the Pistol Shoot. The “Display of Marksmanship” event tested the shooter’s ability to hit a 12” target at 25 yards using the same gun they used in the speed competition. Each shooter had 10 shots with no time limit. First place in the Marksmanship competition went to Frederick Holmes of Bloomington, IN with a score of 88 and two bullseyes. Second place went to Fred Holmes of Dahlren, IL with a score of 87. Third place went to Dale Raney of Carmi, IL with a score of 84. Frederick Holmes won a brick of .22 ammunition for his top score.


Here is a rundown of the scores for the Marksmanship competition… Frederick Holmes 88XX, Fred Holmes 87, Dale Raney 84, Tim Armstrong 82, Valinda Rowe 82, Dawn Williams 81, Jason Kosikowski 81, Les Cline 80, Kelly Robertson 79, Tina Musgrove 78, Gordon Simpson 75, Trevor Armstrong 72, Kirk Muse 66, Sheryl Woodham 61, Doug Anderson 60, Dale Mangum 59, Marjorie Holmes 58, Elmer Simmons 47, Matthew Raney 40, Ralph Duvall 33, Bart Carson 30, Eric Zachman 26, Robert Hast 24, Matthew Robertson 18, Matt Rhinehart 8, and Matthew Dixon 5.

We couldn’t hold this event without our sponsors. HARVEST SPONSORS for the 2017 Young Leader Pistol Shoot were Asgrow-DeKalb Seeds, Botsch & Associates CPA, Consolidated Grain & Barge, COUNTRY Financial, Farm Credit Illinois, and Remington Seeds. GROWTH SPONSORS for 2017 were Banterra Bank, Becks Hybrids, Burnt Prairie Fertilizer, Citizens National Bank of Albion, Citizens for Dale Righter, Precision Crop Services, First Bank of Carmi, Rhinehart Tiling & Excavating, Roark Trucking, Scates Valley Irrigation, Southern Illinois Custom Aerial, Wabash Valley Service Company, Wm Nobbe & Co, and Yesterday’s Catering; with assistance from the Carmi Rifle Club and The Gun Room at Indian Creek RV.

Proceeds from the Young Leader Pistol Shoot will support the annual Young Leader Collegiate Scholarship as well as the committee’s participation in other county and state Young Leader programs.

Additional pictures from the event will be posted to the organization’s website at and on the organization’s Facebook page.