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Preliminary Reports – White/Hamilton County

White County voters turned out in big numbers as has been the case across the country today.  In addition to busy day of voting, County Clerk Beth Sell reports White County saw 2,169 early voters and out of 1,252 vote by mail applications, her office received more than 1,100 back.

Among the contested choices White County voters had for 2020, folks were choosing between Ken Usery and Ray Mitchell for County Board, District 3.  White County voters are also weighing in on a public safety tax.  The White County Board put up the question on the ballot back in 2018 for a half percent and the vote didn’t go their way, but it was close.  This year, voters will have the choice to add a full 1% tax to sales in the county and those monies would be utilized across an array of public safety agencies.  Also on ballots in White County, voters were asked, as a question only with no real bearing dependent on the outcome, if they’d like to separate from Cook County, Illinois and form a new state.

In Crossville, voters have been asked about alcohol sales, specifically should the sale at retail of beer and alcoholic liquor with less or more than 4% of alcohol by weight, except in the original package, be prohibited within the municipal boundaries of the Village.

Hamilton County voters will making their choices known on a handful of races.  In addition to federal races, state contests and some regional matches we’re watching along with Illinois’ fair tax ballot measure, Hamilton County will be choosing a coroner.  Choices there are James Steven Bowling, representing the Democratic party.  He’s opposed by Republican Tad Ziehm.  Hamilton County is also voting for 3 of 4 county board contestants.  The incumbents, a Democrat in current board chairman Brad Miller, two Republicans, Chad May and John Chapman are trying to keep seats while Republican Kelly Woodrow is attempting to join them on the board.

Updates are coming as precincts begin reporting here.  Stay tuned for Original Company reporting coming your way soon.

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