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Phelps sponsoring resolution to protect coal jobs

In the wake more than one hundred announced layoffs in Galatia’s American Coal Company Mine, state Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, helped push through a resolution in Springfield calling on the Obama Administration to stop his anti-coal agenda and protect Southern Illinois workers.

“When coal is suffering, the Southern Illinois economy is suffering too,” said Phelps.  “When we have an administration that is anti-coal, they might as well be saying their anti-jobs for Southern Illinois.”

The resolution calls on the Obama Administration to provide the public with time to comment on newly proposed federal standards aimed at placing greater restrictions on local coal plants. The newly proposed standards are aimed at protecting local wildlife and water sources, but opponents say it will place a greater economic burden on an already struggling industry in Southern Illinois. Phelps and other advocates of the resolution argue the new standards could have major ramifications on the local economy and future economic development and the public deserves time to ask questions and provide feedback.  The resolution recently passed an Illinois House Committee and awaits further action on the floor.

“I’m going to keep fighting until we can bring these workers back and help grow the economy in Southern Illinois,” said Phelps.  “This bill will send a strong message to Washington that enough is enough.”

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