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Pets @ Risk Calendar Finalists Announced

The 2nd annual Pets @ Risk Pet Calendar has it’s 50 finalists.  Once again, in a show of how much folks love their animals, it took less than 48 hours to fill up the preliminary slots for this year’s calendar.  Now that the field is stacked, the public will get to vote on which 12 make the cut and are featured on the official 2024 Pets @ Risk calendar.  Voting by donation will take place over the next several weeks leading up to Corn Day.  Jars with the pet finalist’s pictures will be set up at Tractor Supply in Carmi through October 9th.  The final week, folks can drop dollars and coins in the jars at the downtown Carmi studios of WROY/WRUL and then on Corn Day, the final votes will be taken at the Pets @ Risk booth along Main Street.  All 50 animals will be featured on the cover of the calendars.  The top 12 will be prominently featured on individual months throughout the year.  Calendars will be made available for $10 each in December until stock runs out.  See below the full list of finalists:


Ruby – Scott Conner

MoJo – Brian Bryant

Claudia Jean – Mackenzie Willis

Maya – Darrian Combs

Bruno – Anna Girtin

Margo, Mya, Kaia, River, Scarlett – Jenna Brinkley

Ibby – Lana Anslement

Ozzie – Carson Cushman

Lily – Shalon Weinel

Charlie – Danielle Short

Oliver – Jacqueline McCormick

Tater – Sherry Passmore

Molina – Sarah Roberts

Chloe – Laura Summers

Bailey – Susan Allen

Daisy – Kacy Moore

Gusto – Kelly Northcott

Honey – Melissa Brand-Welch

Ozzie – Mallory Stendeback

Candy – Spencer Coe

Honey Sue – Patrick Brockett

Dutton – Amanda Hall

Mr. Beags – Michelle Knight

Macy – Taylor Webb

Ivy & Duncan – Madison Vineyard

Bruno – Abbey Johnson

Leo – Susan Bassemier

Dartt – Shasta Allison

Hobo – Grace McCarty

Amber & Buster – Amanda Courson

Noodle – Tracie Smith

Luna May – Samantha Kunz Voelker

Munchkin, IzzyBelle & MolleeMae – Diana Gilpin

Harley – Brenda Musgraves

Blu – Jackie Oberlander

Taco & Pixie – Jasea Wall

Socko & Dallas Newman – Samee Gunther

Freckles – Courtney Desper

Willie & JoJo – Connie Loyd

Harley, Thor & Kai – Tammy Coale

Ollie – Megan Williams

Baby Ruthie – Natasha Raymond

Ares – Rachel Essary

Jensen – Haley Dagley

Blaze – Stacy Jordan Payne

Mia, Milly & Piper – Dave Matheny

Paisley, Rusty, Sadie & Tango – Whitney Williams

Milo – Ashley Jenkins

Scout & Daisy – Angie Lueke

Izzy – Gary Mitchell


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