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Norris City Village Reluctantly Agrees to Continue with White County Dispatch Agreement

The Norris City Village Board held its regular monthly meeting last night.  Scott Mareing was there for TOC News and has the report…

The yearly dispatch agreement with the White County Sheriff’s Department was approved.  The cost is $16,100, which is the same amount as last year, to be paid in a lump sum by June 1st.  Mayor Roy Kissell reluctantly supported and all the board members reluctantly voted their approval, despite not being able to get a meeting with the Sheriff’s department to discuss the agreement, even though that is specifically mentioned in the contract.

Two resolutions were approved for permits to bore into Wright Street and Eubanks Street for a new water line as part of Phase Three of the Water Main Project.  The resolutions will be sent off to IDOT.  After completion the village will have one main line that runs all across town.

Specs have been sent out for bids on Phase Three, with bid opening on February 10th, the time to be determined later.  Estimated cost of the project is $1.2 million.

The warehouse bathroom project was approved.  It would be a bathroom with a septic tank.  The village received approval from the Egyptian Health Department to build a lean-to for the bathroom and an area to cover the generator and two trucks.  Then the village will bid out the project.  They will also talk with the contractor about whether it would be better to do everything at once or separately.

They are still waiting for the attorney to draw up the contracts for the TIF projects of Joseph and Rachel Gray and Roger Seacrist.

The board approved advertising bids for the old sanitary plant mowing truck, to be designated as excess equipment.  Bids will be opened at next month’s meeting.

Also approved was the barring of liquor or gaming licences for Sunday sales.

Mike Ray addressed the board about Norris City celebrating its sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary, this year.  He presented the board members and the media with a commemorative coin featuring the words “Norris City” and “Illinois” on the front with a picture of the state, a tractor with “agriculture” underneath and the NCOE Fighting Cardinals insignia.  On the back, it shows a picture of White County with Norris City pinpointed, and showing an oil rig and the symbol of the “Texas Eastern Pipeline”, with the words “sesquicentennial” on top and the years “1871 to 2021”.  Two different coins will be sold at the local bank for 10 and 20 dollars.  Ray suggested the village could hold a celebration around Dairy Days and encourage people to research Norris City’s history and possible get local businesses involved.

Ed Oliver of the Historical Society also spoke briefly about the history of the town and recommended holding events as well.  Mayor Kissell said the Dairy Days committee, the Lions Club, the museum and other local organizations should be involved and asked the board members to come up with some names for next month’s meeting.

Board member Joe Skaggs  said that food vouchers were delivered to 85 families on December 18th, ranging from $100 to $200 depending on need, redeemable at Wonder Market.  Also gifts were purchases for 94 children in the area.  Skaggs said the village raised over $10,000 and he and everyone involved were overwhelmed by the support.

Board member Wayne McKenzie thanked everyone for the work they did on the Kops for Kids Program.  Eight children from Norris City were among those helped.

The board approved buying a $250 double-page spread in a book project by the White County CEO Program.  CEO will be selling two books, one about White County, which will be sold to different businesses in the county and one targeted to children.

The Norris City Nightengales donated a new star for the top of the village Christmas Tree.

In the Police Department report for December, there were three reports written, no arrests made, one citation issued and 14 9-1-1 calls.

In the Animal Control report, a snake was captured and they also picked up a cat and a skunk.

The board adjourned at 8:11 PM.

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