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Norris City Village Board Met Monday Night

The village has not yet received amended language on the contract with the White County Sheriff’s Department for dispatch services.

Concerning repair/demolition status on various houses in the area, Jessie Roberts talked to the board about repairs to her home at 306 North Carroll Street and asked for more time to do the work due the inclement weather the area has been having.  She was given until May 31st to make repairs and said that it should be enough time.  Two others houses are still in litigation.

The board accepted the low bid on a new utility truck.  Of the five bids received, they chose the lowest, which was from Lemonds in Fairfield for a 2020 Dodge Ram at a cost of $26,567.

They are still hoping to get some grant money for the Phase Three Water System Rehab.

Two pitbulls that escaped from their owner were captured by animal control.  Then they escaped again and killed a couple of hogs.  Both were caught and put down and the village will pay the $200 cost for one of the dogs and they will attempt to get the owner to pay for the other.

Several donation requests were approved.  Gary Anderson of the Norris City Fire Protection District asked for and received a $500 donation for a raffle to be held at the upcoming southern Illinois Coal Belt Association event; a $200 donation for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge to be held this Saturday at Rend Lake and $500 for the annual NCOE All-night drug and alcohol- free party.

The board approved to pay for the bill for Chief Diana Tharp’s attendance at the Southern Illinois Criminal Justice Summit in Mt. Vernon.

In the police report for February, there were eight reports written, three arrests made and six citations issued, as well as nine 9-1-1 calls.  They assisted with federal authorities in executing a search warrant for possession of child pornography in which a juvenile arrest was made, and investigated a report of credit card fraud involving the NCOE Grade School.

The next meeting of the Norris City Village Board will be Monday April 6th at 7 PM.

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