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Norris City Village Board agrees to new commercial energy contract

The Norris City Village Board met Monday night for their May meeting.  After accepting the April minutes and treasurer’s report, the Board approved the April bills and then adjourned to swear in those elected to positions on April 4th.  Village Clerk Jim Crouch was sworn in first, and then Mayor Roy Kissel and Village Trustee Sue James took their oaths of office.  Trustees Carl Whipple and Joe Skaggs were absent, and will take their oaths at the June meeting.  The Board agreed to retain Mike Hite as Supervisor, Diana Tharp as Police Chief, and Connie Short as Village Treasurer.

The new meeting then opened at 7:07 pm.  Rob Wills from Affordable Gas & Electric addressed the Board about how his company has been the Village’s energy aggregate partner since 2013, and how his company has entered into a partnership with Select Energy to form the Southern Illinois Power Aggregate Partnership.  He presented a plan for a 36 month contract for commercial energy billing that would save the Village between $5200-5500 a year with a new agreement.  The Board agreed to allow Mayor Kissel to enter into the agreement on Wednesday.

The Board agreed to approve a preliminary Motor Fuel Tax fund agreement for oil and chipping and repairs to the sidewalk on Boyd Street for $25,924.40.  The agreement may be amended to include repairs to Cherry Street between Brooks Drive and East Street.

Sue James brought up issues with the bridge on 5th Street. Kissel agreed to look at the bridge this morning.  Judy Daubs brought up drainage issues throughout town after the weekend downpour.  Residents are reminded to keep ditches and culverts clean on their property.  Jack Johnson mentioned that the Village should look into a small outboard motor for the boat the Village has acquired for use at the water wells and reservoir.  The Village also needs to purchase new life jackets and a fire extinguisher.

In the Police report, the department opened nine case files in April, made three arrests, and issued eight citations.

Mayor Kissel reported that after the ISO inspection, the Village may drop one point, and maybe two.  The Fire Department learned what they can do to improve for the next inspection.

Kissel then distributed a packet about a new business that would like to locate in Norris City.  He told the Board that the TIF district could assist Danielle Healy in starting Wild Bunch Athletics, Inc. and the Board agreed that he should proceed to gather information and discuss options.

It was agreed to complete installing lights at the tennis and basketball courts at the high school, and they will begin to look into purchasing a new pick up for the Village.

The village wide rummage sale will be held this weekend, and village wide clean up will take place next weekend.  Residents should call the Village office by May 10th for pickup.

ATV and golf cart stickers are ready to be renewed.  Residents are reminded that drivers of those vehicles are to be licensed drivers, and that children riding in those vehicles are to be secured.

The meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm, and the Village Board will meet again on Monday, June 5th.