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Night at the Rend Lake Visitor Center

Have you wondered what happens during the night after the Rend Lake Visitor Center closes? Join us on July 16th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. as the Rend Lake Visitor Center comes to life with visitors from the past telling of their connection with Rend Lake. Meet people that played a key role in Rend Lake’s past and ask them questions about how they contributed to the building of Rend Lake and how Rend Lake has affected their lives.

This program will be presented by the talented members of the Benton High School History Club, under the direction of Mr. Chris Jerrells. Students will portray, in the first person format, influential persons from Rend Lake’s past. You may be able to meet Congressman Ken Gray and ask him how he supported the idea of building a water supply lake in Southern Illinois; and ask President John F. Kennedy how he felt about signing the Flood Control Act of 1963, which authorized the building of Rend Lake. Discover why Rend Lake was constructed and why the Corps of Engineers was the agency responsible for its construction. This interactive program is sure to be interesting and fun for all. Plus, we will be serving free popcorn and soda to all attendees.

Environmental Science Series program for 23rd July will be “Illinois’ Endangered Species”. For more information about Rend Lake’s Environmental Science Series programs call the Rend Lake Project Office at 618-724-2493 or like us on Facebook at Rend Lake Project Office/Visitor Center.